How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID: While Wearing a Mask. It’s been a long time since the beginning of the pandemic; however, iPhone Face ID can finally understand, perceive, and open or verify when you have a facial covering on. During this critical time, we want to make sure you know that the books are coming in, so please order now! In any case, the pandemic isn’t finished, and wearing a face shield openly can help with keeping the spread of Covid-19 in check. It’s tragic that this new Apple highlight (empowered via the new iOS is only accessible to anyone with an iPhone 12 or later).

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How to Set it Up for Anyone?

Let’s walk you through how to set it up for anyone who’s already using an iPhone. If you’ve got a more established device, you might be interested in the other tips included in this guide. Face ID turns on the device when you turn on the face and keeps working until you take it off. It won’t be activated without having the face cover on.

How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID

How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID

Ensure Your iPhone is Up to Date

The new feature was included in Apple’s new iPhone through its most recent working framework upgrade: iOS

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • About to see the exact version of the operating system your device is running under the Software Version tab.
  • If you’re not on the latest version of the software, tap on Settings in the upper left-hand corner and then select Software Update. You ought to see that iOS 15.4 is accessible, so, so on the whole you can choose to download and install. Make sure that you’ve backed up your iPhone before updating it to the new version.

Furthermore, make sure that you have a full data backup on iTunes before updating to the new software. When you’re done with the update, your iPhone will restart and the new software will be ready to use. You will need to make sure that you’re using the correct firmware. To check this, go to Settings > General > About. This will open the iPhone’s System Report, which will tell you what firmware you’re using.

How to Turn on Face ID with a Mask?

If you as of now have Face ID set up on your iPhone, you’ll just need a couple of moments before your Apple Watch can start recognizing your face. You can’t just set up Face ID without first enabling it, or else it will not work properly. If you haven’t enabled it, you can find that in your Apple Settings.

  • When Face ID is set up, follow these steps to turn on Face ID with a Mask:
  • Open Settings
  • Tap Face ID & Passcode
  • Press the side of the watch that you want to use as your Face ID sensor
  • Tap Mask
  • Tap on the mask that you want to use
  • After you have enabled Face ID, you can set up the Apple Watch to recognize you with a Mask.
  • This is an important step because you don’t want to wear your Apple Watch without a mask on, and you want to make sure you can still use it as a normal watch.

    How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID

    How to Unlock Your iPhone with Face ID

Switch on Face ID with a Mask

You’ll find yourself staring at your reflection on the screen and get prompted to rescan your face (as you would when setting up standard Face ID).

  • You’re advised to keep your glasses off while taking a Face ID photo. Don’t bother to remove them, however, as your face will be recognized in any case.
  • Next, tap Done, and you’re good to go. Talking about eyewear, you can have up to four unique pairs.
  • I have to switch from my glasses to my contacts so I can use the iPhone X’s Face ID.
  • To add new eyeglasses:
  • Open Face ID and Passcode
    Tap on Face ID with a Mask
    Select Add Glasses

Follow the instructions to filter your face while wearing the glasses you need to add.

Next, press the button and the shades will naturally be saved. Sadly, the element doesn’t uphold shades because the iPhone needs to catch the region around your eyes for validation, which is unthinkable with your number one shades.

Unlocking Your iPhone With a Face Mask

The system of using Face ID with a Face Cover, however, makes it easier to unlock the phone without looking at the screen. Take a look at your iPhone’s camera lens before you take a selfie. Look straight into it and make sure your face is the center of focus. As technology advances, it is improving more often than not. However, there are cases when it can battle, similar to what you’d find in a regular Face ID.


Apple’s Face ID has made a lot of people’s lives a lot simpler. This is the best authentication system you can get on an iPhone. The Face ID has no issues with recognizing your face, and it works well even with a mask on. If you’re looking for a way to unlock your iPhone without looking at the screen, you can use a Face Mask to unlock your iPhone., an appropriate solution for the clinical problem at hand.