No appointment is needed. Simply stop by during our hours of operation and we will be happy to assist you with any repair needed.

Yes, all iphone repairs carry 1 year parts and labor which means if you have any issues related to parts installed by us you are covered free of charge! ( This does not cover physical damage, misuse of product or any kind of liquid). for other products the warranty is 30 days or as stated in our policy in stores.

iphone screen repair usually take 20-30 minutes to be completed.

Repair time for an ipad is 1-2 hours same day or next day the most.

Repair time is 1-2 hours please contact us before coming to our store for parts availability

Yes we do contact us for details and a quote..

Yes we do, Inspection is free of charge, if the logic board has been irreversibly damaged,we will not be able to repair it and you won’t be Charged at all.

Yes, any non responsiveness your phone is suffering due to a drop will be corrected with the Glass & Digitizer repair, as the Digitizer that is being replaced is the part responsible for all touch functionality.

If the actual screen of the phone is bleeding, white, or has any dead pixels then you’re going to need to select the LCD & Glass option as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage. Still not sure? Send a picture of the current condition of the phone while it is powered on to support@wordpress-756512-2556450.cloudwaysapps.com and we will do our best to diagnose it.

LCD Repair

LCD Repair

Apple Inc. does not manufacture any parts. The parts Apple uses in the iPhone are bought from Chinese vendors and assembled in China. Many of the parts we use come from the similar vendors in China. So though we cannot claim that our parts are “from Apple” they are manufactured to the same strict specifications and we are often unable to tell the difference, we offer OEM and Aftermarket.

Almost all repairs can be completed while you wait by one of our experienced technicians. The only repair that cannot be completed while you wait is the water damaged repair service. Water damaged devices generally need at least 24-48 hours.

Repair Phone

Repair Phone

Yes, all prices found on terepair.com are the same at all our local repair locations.


Terepair takes your new and used cell phones, tablets, and wearables and makes sure that they are given a second life.

You can sell cell new and used cell phones (Android, iPhone), tablets, and wearables to Terepair.

The values of items will vary. The cell phone and consumer electronic markets grow rapidly so newer devices will fetch a higher value than older ones. We update our pricing regularly to offer you the most competitive value for any of your cell phones, tablets, and wearables.

Terepair requires that you include a functional battery with your complete device, plus all chargers and accessories for any wearables, to qualify for payment. AC adapters and charging cables are preferred but not required for cell phones and tablets.

Once a quote is initiated (this is done when you complete the Trade-In process), we honor that quote for a period of 14 days. This is from the time of the quote until your package is scanned into the system at our warehouse. You will receive an email from us when your item(s) arrives here at Terepair.

Nothing! Terepair covers the cost. We’re happy to provide our customers with a free printable USPS label. Please print the label once and affix to your box. (Do NOT reuse labels on multiple boxes, please!) Terepair is not responsible for a lost shipment where a label is used more than once.

Terepair no longer provides physical labels or shipping kits. We provide a pre-paid USPS label that you can print on-demand. If you do not have access to a printer, we recommend asking a friend to print it for you or visiting your local library to print your label.

When your shipment arrives at Terepair we begin processing right away. We start by verifying the item you sent us. We use the manufacturer’s sticker to cross reference your item for complete accuracy. Next, if necessary, we charge your device. If you send us a cell phone we first verify your phone’s ESN number. This number is unique to your cell phone and it allows us verify that your cell phone is available for activation by another person. Once everything is verified and clear, we begin our inspection process. This process is comprehensive and tests both the cosmetic and functional condition of your item(s). Finally, when the inspection is completed you will receive notification through email that your item has been accepted. In some instances, you may receive a re-quote. This can happen if we determine that either the cosmetic or functional condition is different than you indicated. If this is the case, you are given the option of either accepting or declining the re-quote. If declined, we will mail your item back to you at your cost. If accepted, this finalizes your transaction and a payment is issued to the method you requested.

The ESN stands for electronic serial number and is the standard of reference for your cell phone’s identity to your wireless service provider. IMEI and MEID are other acronyms that reference essentially the same number. These numbers are generally located in a cell phone’s battery compartment on the manufacturer’s sticker. Some cell phones, without accessible battery compartments, require accessing the ESN through the menu of the cell phone, typically in the settings category. If you can’t find your ESN for your cell phone, you can also contact the wireless service provider for which you had the account. They can provide you the ESN if you were the account holder for the cell phone. They can also tell you if your cell phone is clear for activation.

You can verify that the cell phone’s ESN is clear by contacting the wireless service provider.

Your cell phone’s ESN is typically invalid for one of three reasons; it is still active to an account, it has been reported lost or stolen, or still has an account balance with the wireless service provider. In any of these instances we cannot purchase the cell phone from you until it is cleared by the wireless service provider. Prior to sending us the cell phone, contact the wireless service provider to verify that your cell phone’s ESN is clear for activation.

A re-quote may occur after an inspector has examined and tested the item you submitted. We offer a re-quote in the event that our inspector finds a difference between the condition you specified when quoting your item versus the actual condition of the product. You will then have the option of accepting or declining the price-adjusted offer. If you decline the offer, we will simply return your item at your cost to you!

We want to get you paid ASAP! Typically items mailed from within the United States take 2 to 5 business days to reach us, depending on where you live. Once your item arrives, we will inspect it within 24 hours and you will be paid via the method you specified.

Once all the items in your transaction are processed and accepted, you will receive an email notification that your exchange is completed. Terepair will then submit your PayPal payment request which will be paid within 24 hours of your completed exchange. Payment will be sent to your PayPal account using the email address you provided us. From there you can login to your PayPal account and spend or withdraw the balance as you see fit.

We advise you to delete all personal data from your devices, remove any SIM cards, and restore your devices to factory settings. It is our policy to destroy any SIM cards we receive for your protection and we cannot return any that are included in your shipment.