Warranty & Policy

Warranty & Return Policy. unless otherwise stated if there is a defect on purchased item we will repair or replace,at our option.

Refurbished or used products included but not limited to (cell phones,Tablets,Ipads,Computers)include a warranty on parts and service of 30 days from purchase date.

We offer 30 days limited warranty or 1 year for some products stated in the repair ticket.The limited warranty is made exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the preceding repair, and as such, is non-transferable. The warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects on parts installed by Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC T&E Repair as well as the workmanship associated with the preceding repair only, and does not cover supplemental damage. Supplemental damage can be defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including, but not limited to physical damage or liquid damage to the device. Manufacturer-related defect symptoms may include one or more of the following: a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity, or LCD performance. Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, game system reflows, batteries, accessories and soldered components. Liquid damage and subsequent physical damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty.

Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC is not responsible to any damage to any device due to a previous condition and /or previous use,this includes devices that have already been broken and/or repaired previously.

All our installed parts have a limited 30 day warranty this warranty applies ONLY to the part(s) that were found to be defective and repaired or replaced. This warranty does NOT cover Water ,Any kind of liquid,cracked glass,and or frames, chipped glass,SCRATCHES,falling devices, any damage due to impact or pressure,customers are responsible for maintaining a backup of their information in itunes or icloud. In case that any device is in disabled mode we offer the restore with the repair but we are not responsible for the data or information from customer.

Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC is not resposible for water resistant devices being less resistant to water or any kind of liquid after repair.the warranty is void if the devices are tampered with.

Service Agreement

Agreement: By using Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC service you agree to all our terms and services below.

Binding: These terms and services shall be considered a legal binding contract set forth in the State of Arizona.

The customer “You” have requested service from Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC “Us or We” to diagnose and service your device or equipment for a fee as set forth in the estimate/work order provided. A “device or equipment” can mean Laptop,Smartphone, Tablet, Server, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, monitor or any electronic device or system we agree to work on.

Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall make all reasonable efforts to repair your device or equipment subject to availability of parts. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall perform the repair using reasonable skill and or care.

Liability: Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall not be held responsible for any damage unforeseen or otherwise before, during or after a repair. You agree that by repairing your device you are doing so at your own risk.

Unforeseen Damages: A device that has been broken or damaged may incur unforeseen damages. including but not limited to damaged chips, Apple iPhone touch IC failure, cables or buttons. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall not be responsible for any unforeseen damages. You may be required to pay any necessary fees required to complete the repair.

Battery Safety: Due to the nature of electronics batteries and risk of personal injury, danger, fires, or explosions if Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC discovers a damaged or bloated battery it will be replaced at your cost. Cost of battery and removal will be added to your final invoice. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC can return a device with a damaged battery If a customer refuses battery replacement under own customer’s risk.

Apple Iphone Home Buttons: Touch ID and or Home Buttons are not covered under our repairs. Home buttons may be considered unforeseen damages or become damaged during a repair. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall not be responsible for any damage to Touch ID or Home Buttons.

IF A HOME BUTTON IS DAMAGED TOUCH ID WILL NO LONGER FUNCTION AND CAN NOT BE RESTORED. You shall be responsible for added cost for any home button repairs.

Water Proofing: Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC does not guarantee or warranty waterproofing. When repairing a device, it may be necessary to remove water proofing seals of films. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC will make full effort to replace the seals or films but cannot in any way guarantee that your device will be waterproof or resistant after a repair.

Repair Warranty – Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC provides a 30-day guarantee for all labor on repair services. If your problem is not resolved, we can repair or replace the defective parts.

Exception: Iphone Screens are covered for 1 year this warranty covers ONLY Factory defect on part installed by Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC NO physical damage,chips,cracks or scratches.We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim. Once the computer has left our possession new or old Virus are not covered under our warranty and will be considered a new repair. If after a repair, you experience problems which were not originally disclosed prior to the initial repair after acceptance of the system by the client, the problem is classified as new and unrelated and not covered by our warranty.

Battery Warranty for Cell phones,Tablets,ipads Except Laptop batteries.

Our batteries are covered for 1 year free replacement from installation date. this covers if battery is inflated or does NOT power on the device because of a defective battery, Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from normal use. If your battery wears down, we offer out-of-warranty battery service for regular price. Any liquid voids this warranty.

Data recovery, backup services, Apple iPhone home buttons, & devices with liquid damage are exempt from any warranty or guarantee even after repair or service including but not limited to parts used for repair.

Devices that have been serviced by another person or company may be exempt from any and all warranties including but not limited to parts used for repairs. Exemptions to be determined at the full discretion of Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC.

Manufacturer Warranty– Most repairs will void any manufacturer’s warranty. You understand and agree that we are not held liable for voiding your devices manufacturer’s warranty.

Accessories – Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC does not cover loss or damage to accessories or attached accessories that are not installed by the manufacturer. It may be necessary to remove these during a repair. We do not cover repair or replacement to accessories.

Protection of Data – Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC is not responsible for any data loss or hardware failure while in our possession. You are required to back up your data. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC does not guarantee the protection of your personal data. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC DOES NOT service Government devices or Computers containing Social security numbers or any government local or federal information. It is your responsibility to inform us if you fall under these classifications.

Estimates: Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC will in full faith attempt to provide you with an accurate estimate of repairs, however these are still ESTIMATES. Final price of repair may change. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC shall not be required to inform you of any changed to an estimate.

Payments – All services must be paid in full before items will be returned. We do not offer payment plans. Payment for On-Site must be paid within 30 days. A 10% late fee will be applied for every 30 days past due.

Special Orders: All special orders require pre-payment before the part may be ordered. You are not required to pre-pay any labor fees.

Refunds – Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC does not issue refunds. All payments are final. Returns on mobile accessories may be done within 7 days for exchange or store credit.

3rd Party Services: Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC retains the rights to use a 3rd party services(s) or company(s) for the completion of your repair. Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC is not required to inform you when or if a 3rd party service is used.

Abandonment – Devices or equipment left longer than 30 calendar days after the repair is completed are considered abandoned and become the property of Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC. If you wish to gain your property back you will be required to pay your current balance plus 15% of the repair cost or $50 whichever is greater. There is no guarantee the device or equipment will be available after 30 calendar days.

Legal/Arbitration – This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Arizona. In the event any dispute arises under this agreement or in any manner concerning the subject matter thereof, the parties agree that any such dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration only, and the customer expressly waives any and all rights they may have to otherwise proceed with such dispute resolution in a court of law. Any and all binding arbitration proceedings shall be undertaken as “fast track” proceedings and shall only be commenced in Maricopa County, Arizona. Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses of such proceedings, including any and all resulting attorney fees; provided, however, that the prevailing party in such proceedings may have the right to recover attorney fees against the opposing party if such fees are otherwise recoverable in disputes of that type under the laws of the State of Arizona. This paragraph is intended to be and shall be construed as a forum selection clause, and the parties agree to bound hereto.

Changes: Tablet & Electronics Repair,LLC retains the right to change, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice. In the event of a change or alterations you will be bound by the changes.