How to automate the process of shutting down and starting up on macOS Ventura

The process of programming your Mac to automatically restart itself has undergone several unfavorable changes as of the release of macOS Ventura. Here’s how to do automate the shutting down and starting up process on the macOS Ventura.

It is recommended that you create a schedule on your Mac that will automatically shut it down and restart it at regular intervals. This will allow the operating system to receive a refresh and will make it function more smoothly. Under the past, configuring things in Settings was really simple.

You will be need to use the Terminal when working with macOS Ventura.

Shutting down and starting up on macOS Ventura

What exactly is a pmset?

pmset is a command line utility that the Terminal employs in order to modify the power management settings. In this instance, it is used to create a timetable for your Mac that tells it when to turn off and when to turn back on by itself.

You have the ability to specify the day and time that the system will reboot based on the flags that you set when you run the command.

How to program a restart to occur automatically in macOS Ventura

In the Terminal application, type “pmset” followed by the proper flags and permissions, and then press the return key. The list of available commands is presented below.

Using the command pmset -g sched, you can view the current schedule.
Cancel the current schedule with the sudo pmset repeat cancel command.
Enter the day and time here and then run sudo pmset repeat wake.
When expressing the time, use the 24-hour format. Please find listed below the days of the week.
M – Monday
T – Tuesday
W – Wednesday
H represents Thursday
F – Friday
S – Saturday
U – Sunday

For instance, if you wanted to program your Mac to wake up at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, you would enter: sudo pmset repeat wake W 06:30:00 in the scheduler.

Shutting down and starting up on macOS Ventura

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Automatic Reboot Function in macOS Ventura

You should aware of the following supplementary information in order to avoid any issues. To allow your Mac to shut down at the specified time, it must be awake and you must be logged in. If you are not logged into your account or if your Mac is in sleep mode, it will not shut off.

If FileVault is activated, you will be asked to log in again after restarting the computer; thus, remember the password. In addition, if you have any open documents with unsaved modifications, you will be prompted to save them. This may prevent the software from shutting down on time.

If you have your Mac set to restart at the same time each day. When you wake up feeling ready to face a new day, your Mac will feel the same way.9io

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