In this iOS 15 trick Guide You’ll Discover: – How to Restore an iPhone If You Forgot Your Apple ID Password with this iOS 15 trick. With the new Apple devices, users have the ability to recover their Apple ID password with an easy process. If you forgot your Apple ID password, it’s likely that we’ve all forgotten a password or two at some point. Losing your Apple ID password for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is about as frustrating as losing your car keys.

Your password protects your iCloud account and access to your Apple devices, just like Face ID and Touch ID. Like Face ID and Touch ID, your password is intended to keep your information secure. But if you enter it incorrectly a few times, you can get locked out of your account.

Getting into your iCloud account is now easy thanks to an update made in iOS 15.  This isn’t the first time Apple has introduced a new feature into one of their operating systems and it helps you get into your account. To log in, you just need to call a friend or family member to verify your information.

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iOS 15 trick

iOS 15 Trick About Account Recovery:

There’s a feature called Account Recovery, which allows you to pick a trusted contact (or contacts) who can then give you a special code to unlock your account. It’s a pretty cool feature that makes it easier to get back into your Apple account when you lose or forget your password.

If you’ve got iOS 15 installed on your iPhone, you can add trusted contacts to Account Recovery.

Choose trusted Account Recovery contacts. Before you can set up Account Recovery, you’ll need to have all of your Apple devices — whether it’s a Mac, iPad or iPhone running the latest version of Apple’s software. In this case, that means MacOS Mojave, iPadOS 14 and iOS 14, respectively.

You will know when your devices are all on the latest software because they will tell you. Once your devices are all on the latest software, you can recover your account in two ways. First, open the Settings app on any of your devices and tap your name at the top. Then, select Password & Security > Account Recovery > Add Recovery Contact.

iOS 15 trick

iOS 15 Trick  About Contact Page:

On the contact page, there’s a short summary of what the contact can see or do with your account, and a brief explanation of what you should do if you ever get locked out of your account.

Tap the add contacts icon in the top right corner of your device to see your contact list. You’ll find the “Enter your Apple ID password” prompt when you turn on your iPhone. A recovery contact can unlock an iCloud or Apple ID account if you forget your password.

Select trusted Contact Recovery options. You can use Account Recovery to retrieve lost access codes, passwords, email addresses, text messages, photos, contacts, calendars, notes and other items for your iOS device. To start using Account Recovery, your device needs to be running the latest version of Apple’s software.

Go to settings and tap your name at the top of the screen. Next, select Password & Security > Account Recovery > Add Recovery Contact.

What to do if you forget your Apple ID or iCloud password?

Sometimes, you may accidentally lock yourself out of your account, and you’ll need to call your Apple Customer Service Team to reset your password for your Apple ID.

You have to make your life easier. Instead of letting your memory decide which website you visit next, pick a password manager app. It will then generate a unique password, save it and even enter it for you.

There’s a lot of great stuff in iOS 15, including the addition of the ability to send FaceTime links for calls on Android and Windows, and the AirPods are getting a lot of great new tricks as well, including the ability to create playlists of podcasts.