In this  article we will disscuss about how to identify plants and flowers with your iPhone camera. You’ll get great tips on what kinds of flowers to photograph, and what kinds of cameras to use. There is a wide range of apps you can use to identify flowers and plants on your iPhone. Thanks to Apple’s new iOS updates, you can identify any flower or plant from your camera or photo library.

I don’t know if it’s spring yet where you live, but here in the US, the weather is warming up, so people are going outside and getting up close to nature. Spring also means lots of flowers and plants are on display outside, not even counting the ones that are inside.

The Photos app in iOS 15 includes a feature that makes it easier to find content. If you want to see pictures of the ocean, it’s not necessary to open an album titled Ocean.

These broad categories aren’t all it’s capable of. It can also be used in niche situations, such as identifying different plants. Perhaps you saw a pretty flower and want to get one of your own. You don’t know what it is, but your neighbor does.

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Identifying plants, flowers, and trees with I phone


When it comes to identifying plants, flowers, and trees, there are several ways you can do it visually. You can use Visual Look Up with the Camera app, or you can look up words in the dictionary using the Translate app.

There are several methods for capturing images from a plant. One of the easiest and most reliable ways is by taking a picture of any plant. On your iPhone, open the camera app. Capture a photo of any plant. Then, go to the Camera Roll or the Photos app.

Visual Look Up allows you to look up plants by using images you’ve captured. In the Photos app, swipe up or tap the encircled “i” icon in the toolbar. Tap Look Up. The app will now show you multiple matches for your selected plant.

When we tested this on our Christmas cactus, it suggested both the actual Christmas cactus and the phony Christmas cactus. All of these will lead to Wikipedia entries. A clip can be found in Photos, or you can go to the entire online article for more information.

Visual Look Up does best with common plants and those with limited varieties, such as fuchsias. It works well with many types. When we used it on our strawberry plants, it came up with the generic “wild strawberry” instead of a specific one.

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How to use your iPhone camera

How to use your iPhone camera

Continue your investigation

Take another look if you want. Plants aren’t the only thing you can look up with Visual Look Up. Landmarks, animals, and other details can all be found. You can view what a landscape looks like or what dog breed a dog is.

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