This blog post will get quality content about using an iPad or iPhone in your car, instead of CarPlay. You can make a passable replica on your iPhone or iPad if your car doesn’t support CarPlay, you can’t find the CarPlay receiver you want, or what you have doesn’t support it very well. How? Read on.In the past, you could broadcast on FM from your iPod to your car radio. CarPlay is now available, and it’s almost immeasurably better—but only if you have it.

There are things you can do if your car does not support CarPlay or, alarmingly frequently, if the manner it supports it is just so awful and un-Apple-like. Your iPhone or iPad, along with a windshield or car vent attachment, can be used to create your CarPlay control.

CarPlay is a system that connects Apple’s services with your car, not just a head for an iPhone.

So, for example, the controls incorporated into your steering wheel can be used to change the volume of the music playing. Or, if the iPhone receives a call, CarPlay may send the sound through the speakers in your car and send your voice right back via the microphones in the vehicle.

If you employ a DIY CarPlay workaround, you will lose that integration unless you adopt innovative cabling techniques. But once you can use iOS while driving, you can access services like Apple Maps, Music, Podcasts, phone calls, and more with a single tap.

You might simply have to stretch a little bit further than you’d like to accomplish that tapping, depending on your mount in the automobile. Additionally, even though Apple Maps may be visible on the screen, scrolling through music would need you to divert your attention from the road.

The ability to pass the time on a lengthy journey with some decent music is more important than safety. You must be careful where you place the iPhone or iPad because some areas also forbid mounting anything on the windshield.

There are, however, a ton of iPad-sized mounts available, like woleyi’s Dashboard Car Tablet Mount. They frequently have telescoping or flexible arms that allow you to place the iPad or iPhone.

Using an iPad or iPhone in your car

What you require

Your gadget must be able to connect to the radio in your car. If not, you must rely solely on the iPad’s or iPhone’s built-in speakers, which, although acceptable on a quiet road, are insufficient once you encounter traffic.

Therefore, you must determine how to link it to the vehicle. If Bluetooth is not an option, then a Lightning or USB-C cable to a likely USB-A cable is required. Even then, you might need to plug into your dash’s audio-in. We’ll let you handle this aspect.

Beyond that, your iOS smartphone has all you require. What you’ll do is:

  • Shortcuts for Focus Mode

Take shortcuts first

Even if you have never opened Shortcuts before, this will still be easy. It is necessary to repeatedly construct a new Shortcut with only one step and one operation.

To make one play of your Apple Music Favorites playlist, follow these steps.

  • Open Shortcuts
  • Make sure My Shortcuts is chosen in the bottom left corner.
  • To add something, just click the plus sign in the upper right corner.
  • To give this a helpful label, such as Play Favorites, tap on Shortcut Name.
  • Tap Add Action now.
  • Enter “Music” in the top field.
  • App and action searches
  • Possibly a lengthy list will emerge; navigate to Media and select Play Music.
  • By doing this, a line is added to your new shortcut. To choose what you want, tap on Music in it.
  • Next, select Listen Now from the list that follows by tapping.
  • Discover your favorites Mix
  • Tap on the teeny + sign in the top right corner if you can’t see it.
  • The shortcut has now been completed, but click the Settings icon in the top right corner next to the close X.
  • Selecting Add to Home Screen
  • If it doesn’t already have one, give the shortcut a name and then click Add.

Making a Shortcut to play a playlist requires quite a few steps, but most of them are the same for all Shortcuts. The only issue, in reality, is that when you do it, you’ll believe it looks wrong.

Because the Shortcut now reads “Play,” followed by a selected song from Apple Music, rather than “Play Favorites Mix.” It’s the first item on your Favorites list, though, and if you run the shortcut and wait about three minutes, you’ll discover that it does correctly move on to the next item.

As a result, your home screen now has an icon that, when clicked, starts your Favorites Playlist. Simply make another one for, let’s say, New Music Mix. Or more complex ones, like a Shortcut to launch Apple Maps and point you in the right direction.

Then there is something else you need.

Modify the home page

They will be hidden amid all the other apps on your iOS device’s home screen if you simply set up tappable Shortcuts there. Then you get into a different issue. You could create a sort of meta-Shortcut that is simply a menu of all the CarPlay-like Shortcuts you desire.

When you tap to launch one CarPlay-like Shortcut, it works, but you’re kind of trapped with it after that. Returning to the default home screen after leaving the shortcut. There are workarounds for starting Shortcuts from within Shortcuts, but in practice, this is for starting one thing and then coming back home.

Thus, all that is required is a home screen adjustment. And the new Focus Mode allows you to achieve that.

By dragging your new Shortcut icon to the right until a fresh, empty screen emerges, you may start by making a new home screen.

Changing the home screen while in Focus Mode

  • Then go to Settings and select Focus.
  • From the options, select a focus mode (or create one and come back to the list)
    Go to Options and select Home Screen.
  • Activate Custom Pages
  • Tap one of the offered home screens to choose it.

You can only choose one. But if you do, it could be the screen where all of your shortcuts are located.

You are taken back to your own, fresh, CarPlay-only home screen once you’ve selected one to use and decide to depart that Shortcut.


The drawback of having a home screen is that widgets are also an option. There is nothing in a Widget that a Shortcut couldn’t accomplish, but they are more practical and visually appealing.

If everything is a shortcut, all of the icons on your screen will have the same shape. While using a widget, you may add something like a contact.

You only need to tap on it to call or text them; their name and face will display.

  1. The home screen’s blank space will press and hold.
  2. To add, click the top-left + sign.
  3. Pick one from the available widgets.

Nothing compares to a flawless CarPlay integration. Even the greatest of them, though, lack the versatility available when creating your own.

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