How to turn off case sounds on new AirPods Pro

How to turn off case sounds on new AirPods Pro

Apple gave the new AirPods Pro case a speaker in part to let you know when it is charging, but you have the option to turn it off if you want. This is the procedure.

The speaker on the new AirPods case can be used to indicate pairing, low battery, and more in addition to charging. It can also make louder tones to make it easier for you to locate your AirPod Pros in the Find My app.

Here are some instructions on how to charge your new AirPods Pro on iOS 16 and how to stop the charging indicator sound.

Ways to silence the sound

It is simple and only requires a few steps to turn off the sound the charging case makes. Here’s how to switch it on and off.

Connect your brand-new AirPods Pro to your iPhone or iPad.

  • Launch the Settings programme.
  • Decide which AirPod Pros to use. Both your profile and the Bluetooth settings contain them. Simply press the I
  • Icon next to the name of your AirPods in the Bluetooth settings to access their settings.
  • Till you see, scroll down.
  • Enable Case Sounds Charging
  • To disable the function, touch the switch.
  • Once you’ve done this, the only method to determine whether your charging case is actually charging is to check your iPhone or iPad or use the charging case’s front-mounted LED light indication.
  • A sound that is played when your AirPods Pro are found using the Find My app will continue to play even if the sound is turned off.
  • Repeat the process and flip the switch to the on position to turn the sound back on.

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Various methods of charging

Your AirPods Pros may be charged in a variety of ways, and the list has gotten longer with the second version.

You would typically use the lightning port on the AirPods Pro case to charge it. When charging wired rather than wirelessly, this will guarantee a faster charge.

There are numerous ways to charge wirelessly if that’s what you choose.

Using a Qi charging mat or device is one method. You may do this to enable wireless charging for your AirPod Pros by placing their case on the mat. In March 2019, wireless charging for AirPods was  available.

The AirPods Pro case will  securely magnetically connect to the charger when placed on a MagSafe charger. In October 2021, MagSafe charging for AirPods cases was intoduce

(3rd Generation).

The AirPods Pro case will start charging normally if you set it on an Apple Watch charger.

The case or the AirPods inside are fully charge if the light on the front of the case is green. The case or the AirPods inside are charging if the light is amber or orange.

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