How to transfer your Google Authenticator app to your new iPhone

How to transfer your Google Authenticator app to your new iPhone

If you are switching from an older iPhone or an Android device to a newer iPhone, then you will need to take certain precautions to ensure that Google Authenticator continues to function in the manner that you have become accustomed to.

Google Authenticator is both a mobile app and a web service that enables users to reap the benefits of two-factor authentication without exposing themselves to the vulnerabilities that are inherent to the use of text messages. If you depend on it, it’s likely that you use it daily, and potentially even multiple times each day; in that case, you need it to be compatible with the new gadget you’re getting.

When moving up to a newer model of the iPhone, such as the iPhone 13, from a previous model of the iPhone or an Android phone, there are certain procedures that need to be completed.

The good news is that you won’t have nearly as much trouble doing this as you did in the past. In the past, you might have been had to repeat certain processes multiple times.

If you still have the Google Authenticator app on your old phone, you may use it to move all of your Google authentication codes to the new phone at once by following the instructions given above.

You can download Google Authenticator from the App Store and install it on your older iPhone if you don’t already have it. The next step is to go to your online Google account, sign in, and then click on the Security tab to begin the process of setting up 2-step Verification.

After that has been completed, you will be able to switch to a new phone.

The process of transferring numerous codes to a new iPhone has been made significantly simpler by Google.
Configuring the new mobile device

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Set up the Google Authenticator app on your brand-new iPhone.

How to transfer your Google Authenticator app to your new iPhone

How to transfer your Google Authenticator app to your new iPhone

  • Launch the application on your older iPhone.
  • To see additional explanation, select the ellipses button located at the top right.
  • Select the Accounts for Export
  • Tap the Continue button on the following page.
  • At the appropriate time, you will  prompted to authorize Authenticator to use Face ID.
  • Choose one or more of the available accounts that are presented on the following page.
  • Tap Export
  • Launch the Google Authenticator application on your brand new iPhone.
  • Make use of the application that comes preinstalled on your new iPhone . In order to scan the QR code that is display on your previous iPhone.

Following this step, your new iPhone will  configure to have all of the Google accounts . You previously used on your old iPhone.

One more option is available, and it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to maintain the codes on that older device as well.After   After remove the codes or select this option, you will complete your task.

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