By replacing the built-in webcam with a better camera, you may improve your Zoom meetings, Twitch streaming, and even Skype chats. Everyone has a new appreciation for video conferencing and live streaming as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home and being viewed through a webcam has become a common occurrence for workers, students, and others, and the camera has become an indispensable tool.

Simultaneously, broadcasting live to the world via Twitch and YouTube has evolved into a new type of entertainment for both the streamer and the viewer. You could use the built-in webcam on the 24-inch iMac display or the one in the 14-inch MacBook Pro notch, or even a third-party webcam in both cases.

These, on the other hand, will not provide you with the highest image quality or high production values that you may desire. Streamers may want to look to have a more professionally produced video feed, and presenting oneself at your best is nearly always a positive thing when it comes to job possibilities.

Consider using some other higher-end cameras if you want to look better in web video. If you have a new DSLR, mirrorless camera, or another form of a compact camera, you most likely already have a decent alternative at your disposal.

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What’s the problem with webcams?

Apple’s latest built-in webcams are fairly good, with 1080p resolutions and enhanced picture signal processing thanks to Apple’s M1 line of Apple Silicon CPUs.

In the case of the Studio Display, there’s also support for Center Stage, an image-reframing capability available on Apple’s iPads. Wherever the speaker moves in the area of view, the image remains focused on them.

Even with these advantages, the end effect is a picture that is more realistic than cinematic.

Furthermore, because the camera is built-in and not independently moveable, you’re stuck ensuring that the entire display is pointing at whatever you’re trying to stream.

Using a third-party webcam can help because it can potentially provide functionality that Apple’s webcam does not. Some webcam types, for example, offer optical zoom, while others may only offer digital zoom.

You may be able to adjust the colors and add special effects depending on the software that came with the webcam.

Then there’s focal depth and bokeh, which refers to keeping the subject in focus while softening the backdrop. Most simple webcams are set up to record as much of the scene as possible in focus, so there’s no way to do it in-camera.

However, numerous software applications may simulate that blur to provide you with some privacy, but the effect isn’t as excellent as it could be.

Although a third-party webcam solves the independence issue, we can yet do better.

Going big with DSLRs, mirrorless, and other camera types

Since the outbreak, camera manufacturers including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, and others have all released software that may be used to convert their equipment into webcams. This resolved an early work-from-home dilemma in which high-quality webcams became in high demand.

While developing software tools to allow cameras to link to PCs and Macs solved a problem, it also improved quality as a side effect.

Compact cameras, digital SLRs, mirrorless cameras, and other cameras used for photography are often made to capture the best image possible. The same systems that use for photography can use to record video, but they can now also be utilized to broadcast live video streams.

This entails larger imaging sensors, better lens assembly with longer zoom ranges, and more complex imaging software.

In the same way that you can achieve natural bokeh in an image by altering the aperture, you can achieve a fuzzy backdrop in the video by changing the aperture. It does, however, look better than the computer-generated version because it was all done on camera.

There are even more alternatives for cameras with interchangeable lenses. Using a macro lens, for example, allows you to live broadcast a close-up photo of an item for others to see.

You could zoom the camera in quite a bit with a good enough lens, which could improve your stream depending on what it’s shooting.


There are further advantages to situating the camera separately from the display.

Although a front-on picture is common, it is not always flattering to the subject.

. The ability to position the camera to the side of the screen can help to create a more favorable image. That’s before you even consider using a background that is more pleasing to the eye than an untidy environment.

An independently-movable camera is especially advantageous for instructors or anyone doing a physical presentation. It allows them to provide the best possible angle for the stream. You could set up an iMac display to film a complete whiteboard. But the display itself might not be in a convenient location for the subject to see.

Using photography-focused cameras for streaming video isn’t a novel concept, but Twitch streamers have been doing so for years. It’s only since the epidemic accelerated software development that we’ve been able to make progress.

If you have many cameras and can connect them all to a Mac at the same time. You can provide different camera viewpoints. This can involve moving from one camera perspective of the speaker to another. Or offering multiple simultaneous live views, such as the speaker and an over-desk view for unboxings.

How can I use a camera as a webcam on my Mac?

To begin, you’ll need a camera of some sort. This is the most important component. It may also be costly, with high-quality camera sets costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Don’t worry; there will almost certainly be a camera to match your wallet. You’ll have to do some study to see what you can use.

Check out the camera’s manufacturer’s support pages for more information. Support pages for the free webcam software, in particular, as there is generally a list of compatible devices.

Once you have a camera, download and install the manufacturer’s webcam software on your Mac.

The major suppliers also provide Windows software, which is typically their primary focus, but many also provide macOS programs for the task.

You’ll also need to connect the camera to the Mac physically, which is an easy process. The micro-USB or USB-C connectors on the side of most current cameras are meant for offloading photos to a host computer, but they are also utilized for webcam connections.

USB-C or micro-USB connection

Your camera can turn into a webcam using a USB-C or micro-USB connection.

Connect the camera to the Mac using a long cable with the correct connections on both ends. And you’re good to go. It’s best to get as long a cable as you can afford. You can put the camera as far away from the Mac as possible.

After you’ve connected the camera and installed the necessary software. All you have to do now is configure your communications or streaming software to interact with the camera, and you’re ready to start.

Keep in mind that not every software is compatible with all apps. So, you may not be able to utilize a given camera with a specific streaming or messaging app in some circumstances. Within weeks of introduction two years ago, camera manufacturers hurried to fix compatibility difficulties.

While the situation has improved significantly since then, there are still some app combinations that refuse to communicate with one another.

Because picture resolution varies between manufacturers and cameras. You may not see the same definition of video on your Mac’s stream as the camera can record. The image you get will almost always be superior to that of a standard webcam.

Because picture resolution varies between manufacturers and cameras. You may not see the same definition of video on your Mac’s stream as the camera can record. The image you get will almost always be superior to that of a standard webcam.