For new tabs, Google Chrome is testing Material You dynamic colors

Google Chrome testing

What you must understand

  • Google is interested in integrating the Material You feature found on Android, according to a test run through Chrome Canary.
  • The main color of the browser’s background can be used as its own theme thanks to a dynamic color option that Chrome users can view.
  • Many UI elements and Google-developed apps totally change color on Android phones thanks to dynamic colors.

Through Chrome Canary, Google looks to be developing a new feature that is similar to Material You on Android.

A Reddit member discovered the test and shared a few brief videos of it in action. We can see from the accompanying videos that Google Chrome will soon attempt to match its tab color to whatever background users choose to choose as their browser’s background, very much like Material You’s dynamic colors.

Currently, when opening a new tab or window in Chrome, users can select the backdrop they want to see. They can also choose the top bar’s color for their browser.

Fortunately, it appears from the gifs that users may still be able to select their own browser color if the one offered doesn’t suit them.

Additionally, this test’s colors appear noticeably richer and bolder than dynamic colors on Android, which is another notable distinction. Phone dynamic colors are considerably paler, almost like pastels. Although it is undoubtedly different, Google’s decision to test this functionality with richer hues keeps it consistent with how the colors seem on its live build at the moment.


When Android 12 was released, dynamic colors debuted alongside Material You. Since then, it has undergone several iterations, the most current of which was supplied by Android 13. Those who use Material You on Android are aware that this design tool extends far beyond the web.

This new color palette system was implemented to assist users in creating a personalized and cozy phone user interface. The dynamic colors of Material You completely change the design components of many phones, like the Pixel 7 Pro, to match your selected wallpaper while also allowing you to choose your own theme.

In order to blend in with what Material You has to offer, some Google-provided applications will also have their icon changes made.

Before this feature appears on stable Chrome versions, it can take some time. However, you’ll need Chrome Canary version 110 if you want to test out Chrome’s new Material You dynamic color themes. To use the feature, you’ll also need to enable a Chrome flag.

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