Spam Phone Calls:

Spam phone calls have become a big nuisance. They used to be that anything with a caller ID of “unknown caller” or a distant or toll-free area code could simply be ignored. Due to automated systems that spoof phone numbers, scammers and spammers can now call you using numbers that appear to be from your own region. Every day, many consumers receive several spam calls, half of which are promoting an extended warranty for their vehicle. Fortunately, your iPhone has a few alternatives to assist you deal with this irritation, and they’re all very simple to use. If you receive unwanted calls from phone numbers which you don’t know, this post might help you in getting rid of them. And get complete guide about how to block spam iPhone calls and silence unknown callers?

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Silence Unknown Callers:

There’s a lot to know about how to silence calls on your iPhone. To begin, go to Settings. Then select Phone. Select Silence Unknown Callers from the drop-down menu. An explanation of the capability, as well as a toggle to enable it, can be found on the following page. If you enable this option, your iPhone will utilize “Siri intelligence” to assess whether or not a call is coming from a known number. If you find a phone number in your Contacts, Messages, Mail, or recent outgoing calls, it will work normally. In that sense, the setting’s name isn’t completely right… There’s more to “silenced” calls than that. There are some differences between “silenced” and “do not ring” call forwarding. The first is that “silenced” calls won’t ring, and the second is that they will go to voice mail.

How to block spam iPhone calls and silence unknown callers

 Apps that Filter Spam:

The same way that the technology to call you at home is not available everywhere, you can use an app to block spam calls. The app will not only filter spam calls but also callers who try to contact you but are not successful. You can easily eliminate the majority of spam calls you receive using a phone spam filtering programmed, even if they’re from unique faked numbers.

Spam-Filtering Apps:

To block unwanted calls, you need to download the App Store, and install an app like Robo Shield, Truecaller, and Robokiller. You will need to pay a monthly subscription for the service, but it’s well worth it to save your sanity.

Block a Number:

If you want to stop a number from coming in, you can easily accomplish that. Simply select Block this Caller from the drop-down menu by pressing the “I” information button next to the phone number. Then hit Block Contact on the next screen. Go to Settings, Phone, and Blocked Contacts to unblock any of the numbers you’ve blocked. If you wish to unblock any of the numbers you’ve blocked, go to Settings, Phone, and Blocked Contacts. You’ll see all of the numbers you’ve blocked on the inside. By pressing the red (-) minus button and then Unblock in the upper right corner, you’ll be able to delete any number.

How to block spam iPhone calls and silence unknown callers


iOS 13 Feature Stops Strangers and Spam Callers from Ringing :

It’s hard to get your iPhone to ring when someone is calling. Only people you know will go straight to voicemail. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that’s running iOS 13, this is the one feature you’ll be excited about. In iOS 13, you’ll be able to block calls from unknown numbers, avoid robocalls, and even have your iPhone automatically reject calls from specific numbers.

The new “Silence Unknown Callers” feature is great for keeping your phone from ringing when you don’t know who’s calling. This is one of the most useful features of the iPhone. It turns off all the calls we don’t want, and it turns on the ones we do. You should only have one person calling you at any one time. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Turn off your cell phone and hide it in a safe place. If you turn on the “Only Ring On My iPhone When It’s In My Presence” feature, your iPhone will only ring when the phone number is found in your Contacts, recent outgoing calls, or is a Siri Suggestion. You may want to use this feature if you get a lot of unwanted calls or you get a lot of calls from people who don’t leave their name when they call.

 Silence Unknown and Spam Calls Automatically on iPhone:

Calls from unknown or spam callers are becoming a real annoyance for many. Apple’s new feature that automatically silences unknown and spam calls on iPhones, as well as Verizon’s even more advanced version, will be a huge help. You can turn this feature off or on using the Settings app.

Apple’s new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature was first introduced in iOS 12 and now you can opt-in to automatically silence unknown callers. You’ll have to manually turn it on in settings, but it’s worth it to protect your battery life.

Once enabled, here’s how the Auto Text Forwarding feature works on iPhone: This is a feature that is built into iOS, so you don’t have to use any third-party apps. If you want to make calls from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and Messages, you’ll need to enable this feature. On the other hand, it does a good job of identifying spam calls and allowing you to block them, so you don’t have to worry about missing important calls. Also read about: How to block spam call on iPhone?