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Our application is fast and easy to complete, and won’t harm your credit. You could get approved for $300 to $4,000 of shopping power by meeting these basic requirements:

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Lease it until you own it or purchase early at a discount. Either way, it’s yours to keep. The sooner you do so, the more you’ll save. Of course, if you no longer want the merchandise, you can return it in good condition at any time without penalty.


What is Acima Lease?

  • The Acima lease is different from financing options such as a credit card or a loan. It’s a lease-purchase or rental-purchase agreement (“Acima Lease” or “Lease”). An Acima Lease starts with an approved customer selecting leasable property at a participating retailer. 
  • Acima purchases the leasable property from the retailer and leases the property to the customer. The customer does not own the property until they make all of the lease renewal payments, or exercise an early purchase option. And with an Acima Lease, the customer can choose to return the property to Acima and terminate the lease at any time, without penalty.

What is "The No Credit Option/Alternative"?

  • “The No Credit Option/Alternative” means this is not a credit, loan, or financing transaction. It doesn’t mean we don’t conduct an inquiry of credit history or creditworthiness. We consider multiple data points in reviewing an application and regularly approve customers with less than perfect credit history

How is a Lease different from a loan, credit card, or other credit product?

  • In a consumer credit scenario (like a personal loan, retail installment sale, or credit card plan), a financial institution extends funds to an individual, or to another on the individual’s behalf, which can then be used to make a purchase. When a consumer makes a purchase on credit, the consumer borrows funds, obtains ownership at the moment of that transaction, and then makes payments back to the creditor, which includes finance charges such as interest.
  • In a credit scenario, the property belongs to the consumer from the time of the purchase, and debt is created between the consumer and the creditor, immediately obligating the consumer to pay the full amount of the purchase price, plus interest charges that may accrue.
  • That’s not how it works with Acima. Like we mentioned, an Acima customer does not own our Property until they choose to, either by making all of the renewal payments under the lease or exercising an early purchase option. Acima does not extend credit and does not charge interest on a lease. That said, there is a cost associated with a Lease. We will discuss that later on.

Initial Rent Payment vs. Down Payment

  • A “down payment” is a term commonly used for reducing a borrowed amount in consumer lending. In the context of an Acima Lease, it would cause confusion. For example, the customer could claim that they own a part of the leased Property because they paid cash to the retailer prior to accepting the lease. Acima does not charge or accept down payments, and participating retailers are not allowed to receive down payments on Property we are leasing. It should be noted that a retailer can include other property in a customer’s single order, but anything included on the Acima Lease must be rung up separately. No down payment can be accepted from the customer, and the payment they are giving for the specific property they are purchasing does NOT include the Property contained in the Acima Lease.

What is a lease renewal payment?

  • A lease renewal payment is the periodic rent payment scheduled at the time the Acima Lease agreement is created. The customer pays in advance for the possession and use of the Property. If they want to continue to possess it, they make the next scheduled renewal payment. If a customer elects to make the total number of lease renewal payments shown on their Lease, they own the Property. 

Cost of leasing/Daily Lease Rate vs Interest Rate/Interest

  • There is a cost associated with a Lease, just as there is in a credit transaction. But the costs operate differently. The Lease does not have interest or an interest rate attached to it, there is no interest but leasing costs do apply and the cost of leasing and the daily lease rate is noted in each lease agreement. For each day a customer has possession of the Property, the daily lease rate applies and is the rental fee paid for possession and use of the Property. But the daily lease rate does not operate the same way as interest, and should never be confused with it.
  • Note: “no interest” does not mean “no-cost”. If a customer chooses to make all renewal payments, they will pay approximately double the price they would have paid if they had purchased with cash rather than leasing with Acima.

What is an early purchase option?

  • An early purchase option is an option the customer can use to purchase the Property from Acima earlier than making the total stated lease renewal payments. The customer has the right to exercise an early purchase option at any time. Acima provides two early purchase calculations: (1) First Early Purchase Option; and (2) Second Early Purchase Option.
  1. First Early Purchase Option: This option allows the customer to purchase the Property within the first 90 (3 months in CA) or 120 days of the Acima Lease for the Acima Cash Price, plus taxes and a purchase fee, where applicable. The customer should always refer to their Lease agreement for the specific time applicable to their Lease.
  2. Second Early Purchase Option: After the expiration of the First Early Purchase Option, a customer can purchase the Property before making all lease renewal payments by paying a lump sum percentage of the remaining total of renewal payments. The percentage varies by state but it is generally 65% of the remaining total of the renewal payment amount.

Return of property?

  • An important feature of the Acima Lease is that a customer can terminate it at any time without penalty.
  • Every Acima Lease agreement contains language providing customers the right to return the Property at any time, without penalty. Of course, they are still responsible for paying any past-due renewal payments and applicable fees.