In this blog post you will get quality content regarding Safari vs YouTube app. The official YouTube app for the iPhone offers a user experience that is somewhat distinct from that of the Safari web browser when it comes to YouTube. Here is a rundown of the key differences, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

When using an iPhone, you can watch material from YouTube in one of two separate ways. You can accomplish it by using a browser like Safari. Or you can use the app that is specifically designed for YouTube.

The official app may be downloaded from the App Store for no cost.

Both approaches made use of the same standard user interface controls and layout; for example, the like/dislike, share, save, and report buttons were situated in the exact same places in both approaches. The information regarding the channel, in addition to the comments and video recommendations, are all the same.

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YouTube accessible via Safari

Whereas YouTube via Safari allows users to watch any video in full screen portrait mode. The YouTube app only allows users to watch videos in landscape mode. Playback is handled via the iOS system player, therefore all of the scrubbing gestures available in that player are utilized.

Using a workaround provided by iOS’s Control Center. The browser also enables the video to be played back while it is being played in the background. Even though it can be accessed through the app. It requires a subscription to YouTube Premium in order to view it.

Finally, in contrast to the mobile app, the option to set the video resolution is not hidden behind a second layer. During playback of the video, you can access it by moving your mouse directly behind the gear icon.

Sadly, it does not enable picture-in-picture, it does not have as many capabilities, and it is generally less fluid than the app.

Safari vs YouTube app

The official app for YouTube

The official YouTube app has a video scrubbing gesture that can be activated with a double tap, which makes it simple to move forward and backward within a video. While you scrub over the timeline, a graph of the most frequently selected video chapter selections and portions is displayed.

The panel that displays the playback is now more useful, with additional buttons. And movie suggestions that can be accessed with a tap. In the full-screen landscape mode, components that were active in the portrait view will also be displayed next to the video. These elements include the comments area and the playlist.

The user has access to a significantly larger number of settings within the application, including support for Dark Mode, for example. Picture-in-Picture is another feature that can only be accessed through the app. And is accessible to users in the United States and internationally who have a Premium subscription.

A streamlined dedicated playback controller, the opportunity to store videos for watching at a later time. The ability to play videos in the background. And the absence of advertisements are some of the additional features available to Premium subscribers.

Despite this, the quality selector in the app may be found by going into the menu. Another drawback is that it does not make use of the video player that is built into iOS.

Safari vs YouTube app


In a nutshell, both choices come equipped with an impressive number of features and are suitable for the routine watching of videos and consumption of content.

However, if you want the most comprehensive experience possible with all of the available choices at your fingertips, you should utilize the app. When it comes to all-purpose use scenarios. Such as when you want films to work natively with iOS’ controls but don’t want to pay for a Premium subscription, the Safari version shines.