The way we find places, explore local businesses, and share instructions with friends has changed thanks to navigation systems like Google Maps and Apple Maps. Both serve the same objective, however, their navigation tools and interfaces differ slightly. In this blog post, you will get quality content about Which is better for you in 2022: Apple Maps VS Google Maps?

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The recurrent contest between maps

Since the invention of the smartphone in 2005, Google Maps has been the leading mobile mapping service. Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad, on the other hand, didn’t come until 2012, and it was plagued by technical troubles for years. Wrong directions, a lack of public transportation assistance, and several errors and faults rendered the service almost worthless. Google Maps, meanwhile, continued to improve and reign dominant.

Based on millions of kilometers driven in camera- and lidar-equipped automobiles, new high-resolution satellite photos, Apple personnel canvassing areas on foot with radar modules strapped to their backs, and reams of aerial photography, the new, updated maps are significantly more precise and more accurate.

Apple included routes for cyclists, electric vehicle routing, congestion zones, and Guides for finding the finest locations to visit in cities around the world with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Both applications look similar, are free, and include basic mapping services including driving instructions with turn-by-turn navigation, walking directions, and public transportation directions. However, several major differences may impact your decision.

Apple Maps VS Google Maps


Apple Maps is only available on Apple hardware, such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It’s included in all Apple products, including Macs. Outside of the Apple environment, it isn’t available.

Google Maps is a cross-platform app that works on Android, iOS, iPadOS, web browsers, and other devices. On Android, the app is pre-installed, while on iOS and iPadOS, it must be downloaded from the App Store.

Apple customers, on the other hand, can use Google Maps, in the same manner, they can use other third-party programs. Despite this, many people continue to do so.

Interface About Apple Maps VS Google Maps

At first look, there are small graphic differences between the two platforms’ maps, though they have become substantially more similar over time. Let’s go deeper for a more accurate comparison.

The map rendition in Apple Maps is a little flatter and includes more default destinations, although the text and icons are smaller. Many default locations are highlighted in Google Maps, but they don’t necessarily match those in Apple Maps, and the symbols are larger, brighter, and more noticeable. Apple maps locations can be difficult to interpret at a first look if your vision is poor.

You can use the search bar at the bottom of the screen in Apple Maps to look for specific areas. The information button in the upper right opens a pop-up menu that allows you to switch between Map, Transit, and Satellite views, as well as turn on and off traffic. The Look Around button (binoculars) is located just below the information button and provides a street-level perspective in large cities, similar to Google Street View.


Finally, Apple has created bespoke icons for iconic locations like the Golden Gate Bridge. The current weather is shown in the bottom right corner.

Google Maps

Although there are fewer map icons at launch, Google Maps appears to be brighter and busier because of a design that uses more color and contrast.

Google Maps contains a search box and three different view modes, similar to Apple Maps: Default, Satellite, and Terrain. You can toggle on/off information like Transit, Traffic, Bicycling, and COVID-19 by tapping the “layers” symbol. Tap the 3D button to see the globe in 3D, or the Street View button to see how your house looked when Google passed by.

The most obvious distinction is that Google Maps has a toolbar down the bottom with tabs for Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Update. Commute displays the most efficient path from Point A to Point B.

However, Google provides immediate sidebar information about nearby locations. Apple requires you to tap to get more information about a specific location, including Yelp ratings.

Apple Maps’ satellite view has a more photographic, conceptual style, whereas Google Maps’ satellite view looks more realistic, thanks to the usage of vector graphics.

When it comes to how traffic may affect your commute. Google is a little more transparent, presenting the journey duration in red to indicate heavy traffic. Google now includes a compass, directions, and quick search on the main screen, making it easier to discover what you’re looking for on the run. It provides additional information, but you must first open the information panel and press the category.

Apple Maps VS Google Maps

Apple Map

The integration of Siri with Apple Maps is a unique iOS feature. Siri will launch Apple Maps and send you on your way when you tell her where you want to go. It includes Siri Natural Language Guidance for more intuitive navigation. You can also change your voice while driving.

Flyover Mode is one of Apple Maps’ most eye-catching features. It allows you to explore individual cities in 3D landscapes with models of buildings and structures. Flyover also includes a City Tours feature that takes you to various city landmarks automatically.

Where Apple offers Flyover Mode, Google has integrated elements of its Street View app. It is a distinct app with user-contributed panoramic views of various locations around the world, in the main Maps app.
Offline access is another famous Google Maps feature. This makes offline planning easier for folks who don’t have access to Wi-Fi or data. While it consumes somewhat less bandwidth than Google Maps. Google makes up for it by allowing you to download whole maps for offline use.

In conclusion

Apple Maps has developed over the last seven years, covering a growing number of areas quite adequately. It hasn’t yet caught up to Google Maps, but it does have some interesting features.

Because of its maturity, interface, accurate maps, and multi-platform availability, Google Maps wins this competition. Our Apple Maps and Google Maps tips and techniques will walk you through the basics on both devices.