In this blog post you will get quality content regarding iOS 15.4 causes iPhone battery drain.  Apple has reacted to user complaints about the power drain on the iPhone 15.4. It may take up to 48 hours for your apps and services to change, according to the company. Apple launched iOS 15.4 for the iPhone last week. While this update introduces a slew of new features. It includes the ability to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID while wearing a mask and a new gender-neutral Siri voice, it also appears to be causing battery issues for some users.

It’s worth mentioning that we haven’t had any battery troubles ourselves. Its managing editor Roland Moore-Col yer reported that his iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life hasn’t changed after running iOS 15.4. These criticisms, though, are prevalent whenever Apple releases a new operating system upgrade. When a new iOS update releases in the past. The battery life issues have been prevalent for the first few days before settling down. This occurs frequently because software is still being unpacked in the background even after the update installation is technically complete. It may take your iPhone longer than the advertised download/installation time to settle down and resume normal operation.

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iOS 15.4 upgrade 

We expect Apple to prioritize a fix if a wider issue with the iOS 15.4 upgrade uncovers that is affecting the iPhone battery drain. After all, many smartphone users are concerned about battery life, and iPhone must remain competitive in this area. Apple is well aware of this, as its most recent products include longer battery life. Both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max made our list of the top phones for battery life. Despite the unconfirmed power depletion issue, the iOS 15.4 upgrade is still recommended. Face ID now works even if you’re wearing a mask, and Apple Pay has received some minor but welcome improvements.

iOS 15.4 reportedly causing iPhone battery drain. According to users, iOS 15.4 is causing a battery drain on the iPhone 15.4. The problem appears to be affecting users who have upgraded from the iPhone 11.  The iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, or iPhone XS. Apple’s official support page is showing the issue as a bug. Which we expect to be addressed soon.

iPhones iOS 15.4 causes iPhone battery drain

iPhone users who have the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, or iPhone XS  report that their battery life affects by iOS 15.4. Although, some users have reported that their battery life is draining twice as fast as usual.

In some of the cases, the issue seems to be with the iPhone battery. But some users report that the problem resolves by a battery replacement. In any case, if you’re experiencing a battery drain issue, you can wait for a fix. We’ll update this article when we know more. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are the first iPhones to feature an OLEO display.

iOS 15.4 causes iPhone battery drain

 Some facts iOS 15.4 reportedly causing iPhone battery drain

Apple released iOS 15.4, as well as iPadOS 15.4. You can learn more about the update here, but the most notable addition is the ability to use Face ID with a mask on to unlock your phone. Face ID with a mask was first offered for iPhone users with an Apple Watch in iOS 14.5 last year, and it’s a lovely gesture for users who don’t possess an Apple Watch. Face ID, on the other hand, is only compatible with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 generations, and it is slower and less secure. There are several iPhones that come in the market all of which have some issues with their features.

The lack of features may be the least of iOS 15.4’s issues. A rising number of customers are reporting poor battery life after installing the OTA update. Alternatively, an older iPhone 11 with two hours of screen. On-time would lose 80 percent of its battery power in 24 hours. And there are numerous reports like this.

Issues with iPhones iOS 15.4 causes iPhone battery drain

Of course, the issue isn’t widespread, and certain battery troubles are to be expected following an upgrade. And, while iOS 15.4 is a significant upgrade. It may not appear to be a huge update, it supposedly contains a whopping 39 vulnerability fixes. Nonetheless, these battery drain estimates appear to be a little high. According to some users, Apple has started to employ the maximum 120Hz ProMotion. It refreshes the rate significantly more frequently. It sounds believable, but it can’t be the whole story because ProMotion is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro.  Pro Max and these aren’t the only devices affected. Let’s hope the problems are rectified quickly.

Apart from the battery concerns over 100 new emojis from the Emoji 14.0 collection includes in iOS 15.4. A new voice option for Siri, the ability to provide time and date information offline.  EU Digital COVID Certificate support in the vaccine. Updates to Safari web page translations, including support for Italian and Chinese, and improvements to the Podcasts app, among other things. The system upgrades by iPhones have some issues with their batteries and other programs.


This year’s iPhone event packs with exciting announcements. If you’re having issues with battery life after updating to iOS 15.4. You may want to wait for Apple to release a fix. In meantime, we recommend you turn off Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode. It uses a power bank and checks out our iOS 15.4 review to learn more about what’s new. This is all about the facts related to the iPhone battery drainage. Apple releases a battery life fix for iOS 15.4.  We have an article to reflect that. iOS 15.4  releases to the public. In this article, you come to know about the drainage of batteries of iPhones. I hope you really know about certain facts about phones and models.

iOS 15.4 causes iPhone battery drain