If your Mac lost or stolen, this is the piece to read. There are several things you may take to assist in the recovery of your Mac or the protection of the data it contains. It may be worrisome if you lose your Mac, but you may prepare ahead of time.

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Preventative measures

You can’t always prevent your computer from lost or stolen, but you can take a few preventative measures to safeguard your data and make it easier to find it. One of the best ways to make sure that it will be more difficult for someone to gain access to your data is to enable Find My on your Mac.

Your Mac needs a password to access the computer. There’s likely a wealth of sensitive personal information and data on your Mac, and along with a password, it’s a good idea to encrypt the device using FileVault.

That could make it infinitely more difficult for any bad actors to access your data. Open System Preferences on your Mac. Click on Security & Privacy. Select the FileVault tab. Click on Turn on FileVault…

It’s also a good idea to back up your Mac’s data to a Time Machine drive or use another backup method. That way, even if your Mac can’t retrieved, you’ll still be able to save your data.


Locate your device using Find My

The Find My app allows you to access the Find My app on an iPhone or iPad logged into your Apple ID account.

You can also find your Mac by logging into it on another person’s device. The Find My app is available on many Apple devices. It can even access via iCloud.com’s web app, but the real fun is using it with a Find My iPhone app that you can get on an iPhone.

This option is very useful. If you’re in a location where there is a lot of ambient noise (e.g., a crowded restaurant or airport), you can set your Mac to use “Find My” to play a sound on it, which makes it easier to locate.

Put your Mac into Lost Mode

Lost Mode lets you lock up your Mac so no one can access your data if your Mac is ever lost or stolen. If someone tries to log in to your machine, they’ll see this message: “Your Mac has been lost. You must recover it before you can use it again.

This article explains how to turn off your lost mode. Use iCloud.com or the Find My app on one of your Apple devices. Devices can tap or click.  Click on your missing Mac, scroll down, and tap Mark as Lost. Choose a message, then follow the instructions.

Mac is stolen

File a police report

File a police report if you’ve lost your device using the Find My app. The local law enforcement agency can return your device if it’s ever found or returned to a police station.

Sometimes filing a police report will help you recover a lost device. If your device isn’t appearing in Find My, calling the police can also help you.

Mac is stolen

As long as you have your device’s serial number, you can help the authorities locate your phone, even if you didn’t intentionally lose it. You can also give the police some information about where your phone is, like where you used it.

File an insurance claim

If you want to get your MacBook Pro back in working order after it is damaged or stolen, you’ll need to file a police report, and file a claim with AppleCare+. And hope that the claim is covered.

If you’re in the market for a new computer, it might be worth paying for insurance that covers theft and loss of devices, even if you aren’t going to be using the computer within your own home.

Replacing your Mac computer with a Macbook Pro might be a smart decision if you’re concerned about the financial burden of buying a new computer.

In a worst-case scenario, erase it

In a worst-case scenario, delete your data. If you lost all hope of getting your Mac back, it’s recommended that you delete it. All of your personal information will be deleted from your lost device if you do this.

You can use the Find My app to remotely erase your Mac. Open the Find My app on one of your Apple devices, or visit the browser version of iCloud.  Tap your missing Mac. Tap Erase This Mac.

What if I didn’t set up Find My?

If you haven’t set up Find My before it’s lost or stolen. Then you’ll need to assume the worst about your data.

It would probably be a good idea to change the passwords on the online accounts that you use. You can also set up two-factor authentication for your online accounts and keep an eye out for suspicious activity on them.

If you don’t have a Find My setup, it’s a very good idea to file a report with the police that includes your Mac’s serial number. It can a long shot, but there is chance that your Mac will turn up down the road.