What 'charging on hold' means in iOS 16 and what to do

What ‘charging on hold’ means in iOS 16 and what to do

In iOS 16, Apple has added a new warning that reads, “iPhone charging is paused.” Here is how to correct it, when that alert appears, and what it signifies.

When two things happen simultaneously, the new “Charging on Hold” warning in iOS 16 appears. One is that the iPhone is charging right now, and the other is that it is overheating.

Therefore, the likelihood that you will notice this warning while driving is the highest. Therefore, your iPhone is typically connected to the vehicle so that you may use CarPlay, but it might also be located in a very warm area of the vehicle.

Perhaps the sun is baking the iPhone through the windshield. Or, if the day is already warm and the iPhone is in a compartment under the dash, that can be enough to cause an issue.

What you can do formally about it?

There isn’t really any official guidance because Apple hasn’t officially explained this problem warning in its support pages, despite the fact that it does give general battery guidelines. However, the message does include a hint:

It states, “Charging will restart after iPhone reaches normal temperature.”

Therefore, you can lower the temperature, which usually involves waiting. Pull over, remove the iPhone from its case, compartment, or windscreen mount, and wait.

Even though the signal is valuable and significant, it is annoying that it occurs in these instances because you frequently don’t have time to wait. If you’re on a motorway with many miles before any spot you can stop, you may be driving quickly and using Apple Maps for guidance.

What you can do while driving to assist

You might simply disregard the notification and go about your business. But there’s a reason it’s a warning.

Your battery will eventually suffer harm from overheating. Apple’s new warning will activate before any damage really occurs.

Do what you can to cool the phone down if it is safe and lawful to do so. Be careful because it could be hot to the touch.

While using Apple Maps, leave it on the passenger seat. You won’t see any difference if your phone is CarPlay-connected to the vehicle.

You no longer have access to the iPhone’s screen for navigation, but you can still hear the turn-by-turn directions.

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A method for cooling the iPhone

As soon as it’s possible, cease relying on your iPhone. If you want to prepare the iPhone, halt instead of parking while it cools down.

The actions you can now take are:

1.Stop utilising any apps that are using mobile data, in particular.
2.Reduce the brightness or switch to Auto-Brightness in the settings for accessibility
activate Low Power Mode.
3.Switch to Airplane mode on your iPhone.
4.Turn off your iPhone altogether.

Anecdotal evidence supports the need to disable cell data-using apps.

The AppleInsider staff has experienced their iPhones overheating when making calls, using Apple Maps to navigate, and playing Apple Music while in a hot car. Even though this was over the more general warning about iPhone overheating, turning off all of them allowed the iPhone to operate for longer.

The quickest approach to allow the iPhone to cool down is to totally turn it off, but doing so obviously stops you from using the device in any other way. By touching the back to feel how hot it is still, you can tell if it has cooled enough. But it will assist if you remove it from any cases that are attached to it.

Apple does advise always updating to the most recent software for the best battery care. You shouldn’t make that decision while you’re driving, but you can after you get back to your house or place of business.

The inconvenience of this all increases, but if your iPhone is overheating, there are worse things that can happen than a notification. The iPhone might eventually become too hot and have to turn off.

Until it has sufficiently cooled, you won’t be able to use it for anything or even turn it back on.

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