When you know there are users in the discussion using other OS systems, default messaging programs like iMessage may not always be the best choice. The top cross-platform messaging apps for communicating between iOS and Android are listed below.

While it could seem alluring, it’s not always the wisest decision to use the built-in chat tool. Google is using the dispute about blue versus green bubbles in an embarrassing attempt to pressure Apple to utilize RCS. We do not anticipate Apple to change its position.

Better alternatives, however, already exist. The top apps for texting between Android and iOS devices are listed below.

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Link to FaceTime

FaceTime links were added with the program update by Apple in iOS 15 for the first time. FaceTime calls on non-Apple devices might now be made via the web for the first time to communicating between iOS and Android

Both before and during a live FaceTime call, you can send a link. Apple and non-Apple devices can both use FaceTime links.

How to send a new call’s FaceTime link

  • Open the FaceTime application
  • Choosing “Create Link”
  • Choose the method for sending the link. You can AirDrop it to another device, email it using any chat app, or copy the link and paste it into any program.

Platforms for substitute video chatting

Although FaceTime links work perfectly within iOS, users of Android and/or Windows cannot set them up. Here are some different video calling services that are cross-platform and functional.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom gained popularity. It served as the primary means through which academic classes, groups, friends, and family could virtually connect with one another in sizable gatherings.

Users can give each other weblinks that can go live at a predetermined start time, similar to FaceTime links. By using a link or a meeting identification code, participants can join calls. Meetings can be configured to have a waiting area and a password or not.

Zoom allows users to personalize their video chat encounters by allowing them to change the names, virtual backdrops, and emoji reactions. Regardless of whether they are using a PC, phone, or tablet, users can share their screens.

Although Zoom is a highly useful tool for connecting digitally with others, it is not without flaws.

Zoom is available for free, but the company also has subscription options with more capabilities. Time-limited sessions stand out as the most significant.

Meetings can only last 40 minutes when utilizing Zoom for free and can only include 100 participants, which is more than enough for the majority of them. The call will automatically finish after 40 minutes, at which point everyone must re-join.

When making calls, the video chatting service also forces users to download their software. As with other video conferencing apps, there is no web version to use.

People who had a crucial call to take but forgot to download the Zoom program or others who are not tech-savvy and may find it difficult to download it may find this frustrating.

Communicating between iOS and Android

Google Meet

Google Meet, formerly known as “Hangouts Meet” and first made available in March 2017, is only focused on video calling, leaving instant messaging to Google Chat. It seems to have divided Google Hangouts into two separate programs.

A new meeting can be started by attendees, or they can join using a code. An option to get a meeting link to share, start a meeting immediately, or directly schedule one on Google Calendars will appear when you create a new meeting. The meeting link can be copied and pasted into a new calendar event by iCal users.

The ability to overlay augmented filters and color styles on oneself in real-time sets Zoom apart from other apps. For those who might be hard of hearing or deaf, there is also an option to enable live closed captioning.

Similar to how FaceTime works, calls can be active both when using the app and while closing it, as well as in PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode. You can return to the app immediately by tapping on the call.

When using an iPad or other device with Center Stage, you can use it during calls as well.

It is accessible and usable on desktop, tablet, and/or mobile devices. To create a meeting, you must have a Google account and be signed in, but you don’t need one to attend.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has almost the same amount of interactive functionality as Zoom. While being primarily perceived as a platform for business-related activities rather than informal talks. The system functions concurrently as a video chat and an instant messaging system.

You can initiate an immediate meeting on Microsoft Teams, plan one for later, or acquire a meeting link so that you and everyone else can join it at a later time. You can use emojis, share your screen, enable live captions for persons who are hard of hearing or deaf, set a virtual background, and be put on hold if you need to leave the meeting briefly while you’re on a call.

Conversation bubbles that cover the screen when individuals are speaking in the chat can be enabled or disabled. Every message sent in the chat by any user will be seen if they are enabled; if they are disabled, they won’t.

For audio, video, and screen-sharing between two recipients, Microsoft supports end-to-end encryption (E2EE). When E2EE is active, a tiny shield with a lock icon will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

When using an iPad or other device with Center Stage, you can use it during calls as well.

Additionally, there is an area for instant chat where users can add friends and contact them through email, phone, or both. Emojis can be used to respond to messages and they don’t disappear.

Communicating between iOS and Android