Malwarebytes crippled by macOS Ventura update

Malwarebytes crippled by macOS Ventura update

Malwarebytes’ real-time protection feature has  disabled since the introduction of macOS Ventura, however, the business does provide a workaround for this problem.
Security applications that rely on Full Disk Access, like antivirus products, are being influnce by a problem in the macOS Ventura operating system. This setting grants applications permission to access protected user data such as e-mail, messages, files save in Safari, and other data that may be require by software such as antivirus programs.

The beta version of Malwarebytes’ app, version 4.17, was just recently made available, along with a solution. Users can either update to the beta from within the app or download the installer from this link.

Malwarebytes has said that customers will be need to utilize the workaround regardless of what version of the software they are running, including beta versions .If Malwarebytes  already allow Full Disk Access before the installation of macOS Ventura. This statement was made by Malwarebytes.

Instructions on how to grant Malwarebytes full disk access

This method is not going to work for the primary release, therefore you will need to use the beta version to make the corrections.

Even while it looks like Malwarebytes Protection does have Full Disk Access in its settings, the firm claims that the real-time protection capability may be disable by macOS Ventura. This is the case even though the company indicates the feature may be disable.

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Open System Settings 

  • Select Privacy & Security from the menu, then scroll down until you find Full Disk Access, and click on it.
  • To pick Malwarebytes Protection, you just need to click on it once.
  • To delete an item from the list, use the minus button located at the very bottom of the page.
  • Launch Malwarebytes and make an effort to activate the real-time protection feature.
  • Users will  present with a window that walks them through the steps of providing
  • The application has Full Disk Access privileges on their devices.
  • Go back to the System Settings menu and activate the Full Disk Access option for Malwarebytes Protection . Which will now be present on the list when macOS has updated it.

Following the completion of the procedures, the real-time protection. If it had b turned on previously, should automatically turn back on. If it does not come back on automatically, the Malwarebytes app allows you to manually enable it again.

To run Malwarebytes, your computer needs to be running macOS Sierra 10.12 or a later version .It have an active internet connection.

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