In this blog post, you will get quality content about the testing of macOS ventura. Users who are interested in testing out macOS Ventura do not need to pay for a developer account or participate in the public beta program; instead, they can run the operating system on a virtual computer now. Here are the steps:

There are a lot of different reasons why anyone might wish to install a beta operating system. It includes everything from the needs of app development to a simple love of technology. Running pre-release software. On the other hand, comes with a significant amount of risk that could result in the loss of data or the breakdown of the system.

Users have the option of running the beta in a virtual machine rather than attempting to utilize it in place of a version of macOS that is considered stable. Users are able to check out new features or test apps without endangering their primary operating system by using tools like as VirtualBuddy. It download and install a whole operating system within an application.

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Tutorial on how to test out macOS Ventura with VirtualBuddy

Instead of having to locate, download, and properly maintain an installation of macOS, VirtualBuddy provides installation alternatives from official Apple sources directly within the app setup window. This eliminates the need to find an installation of macOS.

As a result of the simplification of the user experience, virtual machines have gained increased popularity as a means of running supplementary operating systems. Users are able to launch an application and operate macOS Ventura within a window rather than having to reset their computers and boot into various partitions.

Testing of  MacOS Ventura

Installation of VirtualBuddy necessitates using macOS 12.3 or a later version and an Apple Silicon Mac.

When using VirtualBuddy, a developer account or access to the public beta are not required nor offered.

Instructions on how to make macOS Ventura operate in VirtualBuddy:

  • Launch the VirtualBuddy Github Releases in your web browser.
  • After choosing Assets from the most recent stable update, select the.dmg file to begin the download process.
  • Launch the VirtualBuddy application by opening the.dmg file found in the downloads folder and dragging it into the Applications folder. Launch VirtualBuddy and select the option to trust the application.
  • Build your own virtual machine.
  • From a drop-down menu of available options, select “Download macOS installation.”
  • Using the dropdown menu, choose the version of macOS that you want to install.
  • VirtualBuddy is a free program that was developed and is still handled by an individual developer. Since it is considered experimental and there is a possibility that it can cause issues while running macOS. Sensitive data should not be saved within the virtual machine itself.

Most effective way to get macOS Ventura up

Nevertheless, this is the most effective way to get macOS Ventura up. And running without incurring any additional costs or putting your local files at jeopardy. Other methods, such as Parallels, call for the user to obtain access to the IPSW file. This can be accomplished by registering for a developer account or participating in a public beta.

The developer recommends making use of APFS by duplicating the virtual machine that is stored in the library folder. If something were to go wrong with the virtual machine that you are operating. It would be possible to swiftly recover it with a “clean” installation in this way.

The primary monitor on the Mac is the one that will use for the virtual machine’s screen resolution. That indicates that it will function most effectively as an app that takes up the entire screen. Although, users can adjust the settings for the virtual machine’s System Settings app to make it suitable for usage in a window instead.

Install the most recent version of macOS Ventura as a standalone virtual machine within VirtualBuddy whenever new upgrades for that operating system become available. Users have the option to either leave the previous version accessible for future reference or remove it entirely in order to do a fresh installation. Within the application for configuring the system’s settings. There is also the possibility of bringing the currently-used virtual machine up to date.

Testing of  MacOS Ventura

Following the completion of the installation, each virtual machine can start on its own.

The majority of the dangers that are normally involved with beta testing can be avoided by testing with VirtualBuddy and an independent iCloud account. It is anticipated that Apple will make macOS Ventura available to the general public in the fall of this year. Until then, testing should be done on the virtual machine