In this blog post you will get quality content about iPhone 12 drop test. To see how strong the glass on Apple’s new iPhone 12  is, we put it through a series of scratch and iPhone 12 drop tests. Apple has used the same material in the iPhone’s back cover since 2010, but this time the company may have improvement. We took two iPhone 12s for testing, and the result was that this new glass is extremely durable. Here at T & E we’re always dropping new smartphones on the ground on purpose.

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Breaking down the glass

It’s a major shift for Apple, which no longer uses glass for the entire back of its phones. Last year’s iPhones still have the same glass back that Apple has used for years.

The glass on the iPhone 12 lies flush with the metal frame instead of being curved like in previous models. All four models of the iPhone 12 have the same ceramic screen shield and the same type of glass on the back. The difference in the frame is the material and the shape.

Scratch 1:

We used an iPhone 12 for 10 minutes to test how durable it is after being accidentally dropped into water. First I wanted to test how well the glass screen held up when put in contact with a hard surface like a marble table, kitchen counter or bathroom floor. I slid the phone 10 times along the screen, then back and forth on the back of the phone.

My initial thought was that it was the camera that had the issue, but when I tested the phone at an angle, it didn’t have any issues. The only thing that seemed weird was that it said that my rating was 100% for the camera.

When I tried to hang the phone from the tile, it did chip a little bit. But then I did it again with the camera module hanging off the edge of the tile, and the whole thing broke apart.

The back of my iPhone 5s has been scratched, which means that the display has become cloudy.

iPhone 12 drop test

Scratch 2:

I conducted one more iPhone 12 drop tests rubbing with 80-grit sandpaper. This is probably the real-world equivalent of sliding your smartphone across a driveway or sidewalk. It’s a little tricky to get the sandpaper into the crevices that need sanding. Try rubbing the sandpaper back and forth over the phone’s surface on the other side as well. This will give you even more of a scuff mark in the sandpaper.

One of the few that was deep enough to feel with my fingernail was the rear. However, it was still in good shape because of the raised camera module. However, there were visible scrapes in the middle and along the bottom.

The metallic finish on the lenses continued to peel off, but the lenses themselves were still scratchless.

Drop 1:

2 feet, right angle Drop your phone by dropping it straight down. If you do this, the screen will likely be damaged. Instead, drop your phone from right above your knee while keeping your arm outstretched.

Dropped from hip height, the top of the iPhone 12 hit the ground first, then the bottom.

It rolled in the air again, then it landed on its back with the screen turned sideways.

It has been suggested that the phone uses the plastic frame because it costs less, but the metal frame seems like a better investment.

I took my iPhone 12 to my office, and dropped it three times. The drop fell almost identically to the first two drops, though this time the bottom is a bit heavier. Finally it was dropped. The main difference is the sound it makes when it lands, which is a louder sound than the other drops.

It turns out, once we turned it over we noticed that the bottom half of the phone was broken. It has a really durable design, and a great build quality. Although the edges are a bit rough, you won’t be picking up any shards of glass or pieces of plastic.

Drop 2

Over 6 feet tall Screen side down, this is about as high as Chris could possibly drop the phone without needing a ladder. The top left hand corner of the screen is on your right-hand side, opposite the camera module. Hit first on the right side and then the left side, then flip over on the backside.

There were two noticeable dents, one on the top where it met the frame and it almost looked like a crack in the metal part of the frame where the glass met it. But after rubbing it off we realized that it was just a metallic residue and the glass itself was fine. Apple’s new iPhone 12 has an aluminum frame that absorbed the brunt of the fall from six feet.

Drop 4, 5 and 6:

We were able to reach over nine feet with the screen still holding strong. If you have a second floor balcony you may want to try sliding your phone off that instead.

At 9ft, it became even harder to control the landing. While Chris was aiming to drop it flat on the screen, the iPhone 12 had a mind of its own and landed in almost the same way as the previous 6ft drop.


No matter how hard you try, a cracked screen will never get as clean as new. This happens a lot, but don’t worry – the iPhone 12 is still one of the best devices for capturing and sharing images, video, and music.

If you’re going to buy a phone, this is the one you need to get, regardless of brand. In terms of overall durability and toughness, this iPhone is the toughest, and if you think your current phone is tough, think again.

The back of the iPhone 12 does not have the same drop resistance as the screen, but if you feel comfortable with that, it’s OK to use without a screen protector. We and Apple do not recommend using an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro without a screen protector, though, as getting the screen or back replaced without AppleCare Plus coverage is expensive.

iPhone 12 drop test