The updates bring several new features, and while they’re not necessarily big changes on their own. It’s a major update and one you should pay attention to. In this blog post you will get quality content about iOS 15.4 features or  What’s New in iOS 15.4?  Check out the update of Mask-Friendly Face ID.

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 Personal Automations

Shortcuts can be use to automate actions in Apple products such as iOS, Mac OS and watchOS.

The new option lets you choose to receive notification only . When you want to rather than always receiving a notification for every shortcut that is activated.

Apple Card Widget

There’s now an Apple Card widget in the Today view that shows your current balance. And your daily spending in different categories.

iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain has long been touted as an excellent way to store passwords.  And login details for all of your online accounts.

On ipad and iphone, iCloud Keychain can be accessed in the App settings under “Passwords.”

Using iCloud Keychain to Hide Password Alerts

People who use “weak or compromised passwords” should save them in iCloud Keychain, according to Apple. If someone does, however, they may be unable to change their passwords even if they do.

If the new feature is useful, use it. It’s a great way to get feedback from users.  And the information you’re getting is invaluable for your own understanding of user behavior.

In order to keep your account secure, we recommend that you go to the password settings area to review any additional security suggestions.

iOS 15.4 features

120Hz Animations

Third-party apps were having trouble displaying all animations at the 120Hz refresh rate.  Apple’s iOS includes some performance improvements, including improved Core Animation.  Animations in an app will now appear at 120Hz.

The update also improves the stability and consistency of the Messages app and brings back the ability to search within messages.

Custom Email Domains

iOS 15.4 has added a way to add a custom domain to the address book directly on the phone, via the Settings app. This feature is only available to users on paid iCloud ‌Mail‌ plan though.

You can now find “iCloud Mail” in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud, which has a new section for setting up a custom email domain.


An Apple app’s ability to share content on your device is enhance with an improved SharePlay feature

TV App Customization

You may now select “Still Frame” or “Poster Art” options for the Up Next Display in the Settings app’s TV section under “Preferences.” These options show the main title images for shows or movies. You can also switch between showing a grid on top and a single thumbnail per page.

Emergency SOS

As of iOS 11, Emergency SOS initiates an emergency call using the Call with Hold function. To do so, press and hold the side and volume buttons until a countdown begins. Then the iPhone will dial emergency services.

The toggle for calling emergency services has moved into the Emergency SOS settings, but the previous method is still available and works just the same.

 Health App

Verifiable health records now supports adding vaccination records in the EU Digital COVID certificate format to the Health and Wallet apps, so that people in the EU can easily add their vaccine cards to the Wallet app for easy access.

Translations for Safari

Safari’s new translations function is currently available in French, Italian, Russian, and other languages.

Filters for Podcasts

When browsing a show in your library, you can filter episodes base on whether they have been viewed, unplayed, downloaded, or saved. There’s also the option of going to any show and filtering by season.

Offline Siri Updates

Apple’s new feature enables users to answer questions about their current location with great accuracy and reliability even if the user does not have an Internet connection.

iOS 15.4 features

Update on AirTags

Apple added anti-stalking AirTag enhancements that introduced in February to iOS 15.4. When configuring an AirTag or a Find My accessory, a warning now appears that the device is tied to an Apple ID and that tracking someone without their agreement is a criminal.

The Setup page tells you how to find it: “The Find My network locator helps to identify your lost or stolen device by tracking it through the cell phone towers of its closest area.

This notice is design to inform people who would abuse third-party apps to locate others that such an activity is illegal and carries serious criminal ramifications. Apple hopes that with this warning, people will not attempt to locate others using AirTags.  And Find My-compatible devices as they design for the legitimate purposes of finding lost or stolen devices.

Apple is working to resolve an issue with its Apple ID password reset process that was generating confusion among customers who were having trouble resetting their passwords. Apple’s iOS  software update addressed the issue. AirTags cannot display the “Unknown Accessory Detected” text caused by AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, third-generation AirPods, and, in some situations, a Find My network accessory.


According to Apple, the new iPhone with wide screen cameras can use their “superzoom” lens to take a closer look at things.

Bug Fixes

The developer’s note that includes a number of minor bug fixes. But, one in particular that should be of concern to those with keyboard issues: Keyboard may insert period between typed numbers. Apple is continuing to work with iOS 15.4 features its partners on bringing iOS 13 to Apple Watch and third-party keyboards to iPad.