For some time now, Apple Maps has only supported a single location for users to go to utilize Apple Maps Multi-Stop in iOS 16 to plan routes. Users will have the ability to select numerous stops once iOS 16 is released. This is the proper way to apply it.

This function, known as Multi-Stop Routing, has been present in Google Maps for some time, but the first-party Apple Maps app has been noticeably lacking it up until now.

Users are able to plan itineraries in iOS 16, iPad OS 16, and macOS Ventura that include many stops before arriving at the ultimate destination. A single-destination route that you are now exploring can have an additional stop added to it in addition to the planning that has already been done.

utilize Apple Maps Multi-Stop in iOS 16 to plan routes

How to design a route with multiple stops in Apple Maps using the iOS 16 operating system

  • Launch the app for Maps.
  • You may search for a location by typing an address or a search term into the field labeled “Search Maps” once you tap or click on it.
  • Choose your destination from the list that appears after the search.
  • Tap the blue “Directions” button; it will have an icon that corresponds to the method of transportation you have selected: driving, walking, taking public transportation, cycling, or, if applicable, using a ride sharing app.
  • The icon will appear on the button. In the next stage, you will have the opportunity to make any adjustments to this particular parameter that pertains to just this route.
  • You will be given a selection of other paths that you are free to take in the future. You should now notice a new button labeled “Add Stop” in this area.
  • After you have tapped or clicked on the “Add Stop” button, you will be prompted to add another stop or search for one.
  • Follow these steps until your route is completely determined, at which point you may start the navigation process by tapping the green “Go” button.

utilize Apple Maps Multi-Stop in iOS 16 to plan routes


The location of the stop will now be at the very end of the route because it has been added to the list of destinations. From a purely practical point of view, this can require some time to get used to. Utilizing the drag bars located on the right side of the screen before beginning your navigation will allow you to simply rearrange the stops that are included in your route.

During our evaluation, we discovered that Apple Maps permits a maximum of 13 stops to be added to a single route. This should be plenty for almost any use, with the possible exception of the most epic of cross-country journeys.

The Multi-Stop Routing feature, which is completely integrated in iOS 16 and includes support for CarPlay, functions effectively in a wide variety of contexts and settings. The only restriction applies to the sharing of ETAs; if you do so with a recipient who does not have iOS 16, they will only see the end destination of your journey if you share your ETA with them.

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