How to use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad in iOS 16

How to use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad in iOS 16

The iPhone has a wide range of features, and you can use an app to  use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad in iOS 16 . This is the procedure.
In iOS 16, you may directly operate numerous Mac functions from your phone using a free set of apps called Remote Mouse. These are the things you can control from your iPhone and how to set it up.

How to turn your iPhone into a wireless track pad for your mouse using an app?

The setup process on your iPhone and Mac is simple and only requires a few steps. Here’s how to configure both of your devices’ wireless mouse settings.

On the iPhone

1. From the iOS App Store, get the “Remote Mouse” app.
2. Once the application has finished downloading, launch it.
3. When the app is launched, two alerts will appear requesting permission.
4. Give the app access to Bluetooth and wifi to connect devices.
5. Once you give them permission, you may use your iPhone to operate your Mac.

On the Mac

1. Visit the Mac App Store to get the “Remote Mouse” application.
2. Once the application has finished downloading, launch it.
3. Once the app is launched, instructions will show you how to make it accessible in the accessibility settings.
4. Once the app has been approved in the accessibility settings, click Auto Start on the app’s icon in the toolbar.

How to use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad in iOS 16

How to use your iPhone as a wireless trackpad in iOS 16

Once the app is configured on both devices, ensure that they are both linked to the same Wifi network for optimum communication. You may then choose which device you want to manage and begin utilizing your iPhone as a wireless mouse for your Mac from this point.

Many forms of connectivity

There are several ways to link your iPhone to your Mac so you can control it wirelessly. You may see every connected device as well as some suggestions for devices you might wish to operate from the “Select a Computer” menu. More than one device can be stored for iPhone control.
On your iPhone and Mac, you can connect to other devices using a variety of connectivity options. Here’s how to add more controls to other devices.
1. Open the iPhone’s Remote Mouse app.
2. Obtain the “Select a Computer” menu by going there.
3. In the top right corner of the screen, touch the Plus icon.
4. Determine how you want to add the new device (from previous devices you have added, through an IP address, or through scanning a QR code on the device you want to control)

The same menu on your Mac allows you to connect a device using an IP address or a QR code. Similar to how you establish Auto Start, you click on the app icon in the toolbar and choose either “Show IP address” or “Show QR code.”
You can connect the two devices by entering eight numbers into your iPhone by choosing “Show IP address” on your computer. When you choose “Show QR Code,” a QR code will appear on your Mac’s screen that you can use the Remote Mouse app’s camera on your iPhone to scan.
For your iPhone to be able to find the app, your Mac must have it open and running. Click on the icon in the top taskbar and choose “Quit” to terminate the connection.
You can connect your gadgets in any way, and the usability will remain constant.

How to manage your Mac using gestures on your iPhone?

Although there are many gestures to learn, most of them are the same as those you would use on Mac’s trackpad to navigate the device.
The most typical motions to learn in order to maximize your wifi experience are listed below.

  • Wherever the cursor is, one finger tap equals one click.
  • Right-click with two fingers
  • Move up, down, left, or right by using two fingers to swipe or scroll on your Mac’s display.
  • Zoom in or out by pinching or spreading your fingers (this only works on Macs)
  • Drag three fingers to choose and move

There will be a scroll bar on the right side of your iPhone’s screen. On your Mac, this will make it simpler to scroll up and down pages.
The interface of the app has icons at the bottom as well. Each one’s icon corresponds to a set of controls that may be accessed by tapping on it.
An array of programs will appear when you tap the file icon, which is the third icon down from the left on the screen. The app makes a note of the apps that are in your Dock when it first connects to your Mac for setup. You can tap on an app in this section of the Remote Mouse app to almost immediately have it launch on your Mac.
The iPhone keyboard can be accessed by tapping on the keyboard icon, which is the second icon from the right at the bottom of the screen. From there, you may type text into your Mac using the iPhone’s keyboard instead of the one on your computer.
You can now use your iPhone to perform all the fundamental actions that you would normally perform on a Mac, thanks to these features.

Not every feature is free.

Not all of the capabilities that are highlighted and clickable are available, despite the fact that most of the fundamental tools you would use to navigate your Mac are included and free in the application.
While you can type on your Mac using the iPhone keyboard, you are unable to use the numeric keypad that is often featured on expanded keyboards. Additionally, using media control requires payment.
You can pay $1.49 monthly or $13.99 annually to enjoy these features. Before you begin paying, there is a seven-day free trial period.

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At your fingers, control

Using your iPhone to control your Mac has numerous benefits, including the convenience of being able to operate your computer from a device in the palm of your hand rather than what is more commonly known as a physical, moving mouse.
The application lags occasionally but functions reasonably well for being completely wireless. However, throughout testing, we encountered little difficulty. Additionally, you can switch to utilizing your Mac’s track pad if you initially use your iPhone as your touch pad.
Both the iPhone and Mac have free apps that can be downloaded from their respective App Stores. Your Mac must have macOS Big Sur or later and have an M1 chip or later in it, and your iPhone must be running iOS 11 or later.

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