How to use the RSS readers program

Although it is a respectable news aggregator, Apple News is very constrained. You need an RSS readers program to completely tailor your news with even the most obscure sources.

Even if you know what the letters in RSS stand for, you don’t care because it is the one online feature that never goes away. Really Simple Syndication is the most common explanation, but you’ll never get quizzed on that.

Almost everyone would tell you that RSS is no longer relevant. RSS has been replaced by news feeds like Apple News+ and even Twitter lists.

However, if you utilize this online service, you do it frequently. You use it frequently since it prevents you from having to visit 50 of your favorite websites every time they have anything new.

Also known as all 47 sites do. Although some websites lack support, the vast majority of websites publish an RSS list.

There is only a plain text file on the website that contains the first paragraph of each article as well as a link. Your RSS newsreader visits each site you select, scans the list, and notifies you if anything has changed.

While other apps require you to locate a third-party feed so they may use it, some use their own service to look for these listings. However, you can always obtain a free third-party feed, and if an app needs one, it will notify you through it.

Finest RSS tools

RSS readers program

According to William Gallagher, Reeder 5

RSS readers program

The reason for that, though, is a little nebulous. There are features that set it apart, but the main ones shouldn’t.

Just like all RSS newsreaders, it presents a list of headlines, and then a slightly fuller portion of an article, if wanted. Depending on how the original news website is set up, Reeder can then either display the whole text within the app, or show you the web page.

It’s the way it does all of this that counts. Reeder is fast, it’s a pleasure to read on any size screen, and that has been enough to make a front-screen iPhone app for me for years.

The only paid RSS newsreader program with this feature is this one, so just get it. Every time Reeder is updated, I immediately buy it.

But the explanation for that is a little hazy. There are characteristics that distinguish it, but the primary ones shouldn’t.

It displays a list of headlines first, just like all RSS newsreaders, and then, if desired, a slightly longer excerpt from an article. Depending on how the original news website is set up, Reeder will either show you the web page or the entire content within the app.

What matters is how it goes about doing all of this. For years, Reeder has been my front-screen iPhone app since it is quick and enjoyable to read on any size screen.

However, those other aspects are advantageous. You may instantly store an article for later reading on Reeder using its own read-it-later feature. And it integrates with other platforms like Instagram.

The most distinctive aspect of Reeder might be the Bionic Reading option. It really does speed up our eyes’ reading of a piece to emphasize particular passages in an article.

NetNewsWire is recommended by Wesley Hilliard.

The universal Mac, iPhone, and iPad app NetNewsWire offers a sleek, minimalistic appearance.

It is really quick, open source, and free.


Utilizing a Safari extension, add RSS feeds and use folders in the app to manage them. For a personalized experience, configure reader view and article themes.

To browse a feed from your favorite Reddit subreddits or Twitter profiles, sign in to Twitter and Reddit. Sign up for other well-known RSS services as well, including Feedly, Feedbin, and Inoreader.

Because of its clean structure and style, we adore NetNewsWire. Check out new articles and posts that are automatically saved for offline reading and organized for convenience.

You can bookmark articles for later use and share them via Mail, MarsEdit, Notes, Messages, and other services.

This app is essential for keeping up with news about Apple and technology in a single window.

Andrew Orr advises using Feedly

Feedly is a third-party feed that many other RSS reader programs can use in addition to being a standalone app. It has been around for a while and, in addition to RSS, can organize YouTube channels, trade publications, and even academic papers.

App Feedly

Leo is an AI research helper that Feedly provides to paying subscribers. Leo offers more sophisticated abilities for enterprise users, such as market and threat intelligence, and can scan and analyze information to clear clutter from feeds.

With three subscription tiers that provide additional capabilities, Feedly is available for free download and use. These start at $6 a month and come with extra features like the ability to follow Twitter feeds within the app.

RSS is here to stay.

It has received criticism, been shunned, and at times, it has seemed as though RSS was on life support. Even though we have instant access to all news sources now, RSS is still a useful, practical, and top-notch tool.

These three competing apps demonstrate the level of interest in the service. They also demonstrate how very differently developers can implement the same fundamental concept, which is perhaps even more significant.

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