How to use the new Hover Mode on the Apple Pencil with the M2 iPad Pro

It’s possible that the new Hover Mode is just a gimmick that you’ll never use. Or it could be a step toward making Apple Pencil feel even more like a natural part of your workflow. This is the proper way to apply it.

Hover Mode is activated by picking up Apple Pencil and holding it over the top of your iPad Pro. This is It.

Except that it absolutely needs to be the correct Apple Pencil, and it absolutely needs to be the correct iPad. In addition, the eventual applicability of Hover Mode will be determined by third-party app developers, specifically how they will utilize its capabilities and whether or not they will do so at all.

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iPad Pro with Apple Pencil M2 of the second generation iPads running iOS 16.1 or later

The Hover Mode: How to Use It

Seriously, just move the Apple Pencil in close proximity to the screen of the iPad. It would appear that there is no setting up or configuring that needs to be done in any way.

And the Apple Pencil doesn’t even have to be all that close to the display in order for it to work. According to Apple, the Apple Pencil will be recognized by the M2 iPad Pro when its tip is 12 millimeters (0.47 inches) away from the screen.

Hover Mode on the Apple Pencil

What comes next is a mystery.

The Apple Pencil’s closeness, as well as its orientation and angle of approach to the screen, may be detected by the M2 iPad Pro when it is used. The application determines what actions it takes next given the information it has obtained.

For example, Pixelmator 2.8 and Pixelmator Photo 2.1 for iPad both use the hover function. It enables live previews when the Pencil is hovered over the app’s color adjustment presents. These versions were developed for the iPad.

For the M2 iPad Pro to respond to your touch, you don’t even need to be very close with your Apple Pencil.


Hover Mode on the Apple Pencil


Future updates

At the moment, the only Apple Pencil of the second generation and the iPad Pro M2 that are compatible with Hover Mode are those two products.

Confoundingly, a similar feature can be found on the M1 iPad Pro, where it is possible to detect an Apple Pencil even before it comes into contact with the screen. However, the Pencil needs to be considerably closer, approximately 2 millimeters (0.08 inches). And there is no detection of the angle of the Pencil in this mode like there is in the Hover Mode.

Because the new Hover Mode is dependent on both software and the hardware of the iPad Pro. It is not anticipated that it will be made available on previous generations of iPads. On the other hand, Apple has considered broadening the functionality of the feature.

Apple described the features that are now displayed in Hover Mode, as well as related gestures, in the original patent that was granted to the company in the year 2109. At the time, the concept behind iPads was that they had the potential to detect finger movements that occurred above the screen.