How to use Studio Light in macOS Ventura for video apps

How to use Studio Light in macOS Ventura for video apps

Soon, Continuity Camera will be available in macOS Ventura, and it will be along with visual effects that can enhance the lighting and background of live video. This is the proper way to apply it.

iOS 12 and macOS Mojave were the first versions of Apple’s operating systems to include Continuity Camera. It gives customers the ability to import photographs and scans into projects that they are working on on their Mac from an iOS device, like as an iPhone or iPad.

Through the use of Continuity Camera in macOS Ventura, an iPhone equipped with iOS 16 can function as a webcam for a Mac. During the WWDC 2022, Apple provided a sneak peek at it, claiming that the best webcam is one that customers already have.

However, Apple recommended that users install the iPhone on the back of the MacBook’s lid, just behind the front-facing camera. However, it truly can go just about everywhere, as long as it is pointing towards the user. Although Apple does not offer its own stand or mount to hold the iPhone in that position, third-party manufacturers have already developed a variety of supports and mounts that are compatible with the iPhone.

Both the iPhone and the Mac need to be connected to the same network in order for Continuity Camera to work. In addition to this, the iPhone has to have its passcode unlocked.

Studio Light is available in FaceTime and a variety of other apps.

When the Mac recognizes that an iPhone is connected, the Continuity Camera software automatically opens up as a selectable option. The Control Center is where you’ll find the actual controls.

Activating the Studio Light System

How to use Studio Light in macOS Ventura for video appsHow to use Studio Light in macOS Ventura for video apps

How to use Studio Light in macOS Ventura for video apps

In the menu bar of your Mac, you’ll find an icon that looks like two toggles. Click on that to access the Control Center. Two control choices for the camera and microphone will show at the very top of the screen.
When you select “Video Effects,” you will see options for “Center Stage,” “Portrait,” “Studio Light,” and “Desk View.” There is also a sound isolation setting available on some microphones.
Studio Light has the ability to enhance the brightness of the user’s face while also gently dimming the background. People who are in environments with limited access to light might benefit greatly from this alternative.

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Various Other Continuities Options for the Camera

The Ultra Wide camera on the iPhone is utilized by Center Stage in order to maintain the user’s position within the frame even as they walk around while recording video. If you want to see less graininess or noise in your videos, this option works best when used in environments with bright lighting.
The background of the video is blurred when you use the Portrait effect, which gives it a more professional appearance.
The user’s desk is captured with the iPhone’s Ultra Wide camera and displayed in Desk View.

It’s possible that Studio Light won’t be adequate for some people to completely replace their existing lighting setup, but it’s an excellent option for those who don’t have any illumination at all, like a Ring light.

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