Apple has enhanced Spotlight as part of its yearly iOS update. Here’s how to utilize the improvements made to the search feature in iOS 16:

Every year, Apple adds several modifications to Spotlight to its vast list of iOS releases. Even more, changes have been made to the tool for 2022, which will make it easier for you to quickly access information or an app.

According to your usage, it can offer recommendations for programs to use, modes, and shortcut suggestions. As you use your iPhone more, this will get better and turn out to be more accurate.

It is also an effective search tool if you need to quickly find a contact, respond to a question, or launch an infrequently used app.

It appears to be quite similar to the iOS 15 version, at first sight, however, there are several noticeable differences.

The search box on the Spotlight screen is now located just above the keyboard, and it also moves to the bottom of the screen when results are shown in full-screen mode. This naturally moves the rest of the default view and the search results a little bit up the screen.

Inbound updates frequently focus on outcomes or are made invisibly to better connect with other features. Here are all the instructions you need to use Spotlight with iOS 16.

Getting to Spotlight

Learning how to bring it up on your screen is the first step. There is now a second way to activate Spotlight in addition to the previous one of swiping down from the middle of the screen.

When it’s not actively displaying the dot row, the little row of dots that indicates which page of the Home Screen you’re on now shows a button labeled “Search.” To open the same Spotlight screen, you might tap it.

To access Spotlight, tap the Search button, or slide down from the bottom of the screen.

When you’re in Spotlight, you can either tap on a suggestion or, if you’re looking for something specific, tap the search box, begin typing your query, and then tap the Search button.

A results screen with listings from the Siri Knowledge base, contacts, apps, messages containing the term, relevant online searches, and opportunities to search in other apps will normally show.


Managing applications

You could use Spotlight to look for an app instead of directly using your phone or the App Store. The outcome will show up in the Top Hit section and will also indicate whether the app is accessible and installed, whether it has already been installed but can be downloaded, or whether it hasn’t been installed at all.

Reinstalling an earlier version of a program is possible through Spotlight (left). Without using the App Store, you can delete existing apps and add new ones.

An installed app can be opened by tapping its listing. A previously downloaded and deleted app will be forced to download and install one more before opening it if you tap it.

How to install apps in iOS 16 using Spotlight

  • Launch Spotlight.
  • Look up the app.
  • Find the app’s icon in the App Store section and click the Get button next to it.
  • The app will be downloaded and added to your device after you confirm the installation.
  • Spotlight may be used to remove installed apps as well.

How to remove apps from iOS 16 using Spotlight

  • Launch Spotlight.
  • Look up the app.
  • When a pop-up window appears, tap and hold the app icon.
  • Choose Delete App, then click Delete to finish.

The setting of the findings

You must keep in mind when using Spotlight on your iPhone that it gathers information from numerous sources to provide you with the optimal outcome.

For instance, looking for contact could provide their contact information, correspondence with them or about them in Messages and Mail, relevant documents, and calendar items mentioning them.

Reinstalling an earlier version of a program is possible through Spotlight (left). Without using the App Store, you can delete existing apps and add new ones.

In addition to web photos linked to the phrase, Siri Knowledge information and suggested websites. And listings for relevant content on the Apple Music and Book Store can all be displayed when searching for well-known names.

By changing settings under Settings, you can customize what is shown. Blocking data from particular apps from appearing in search results, for example, might restrict what is returned in searches.

Spotlight in iOS 16

How to change the sources for Spotlight searches in iOS 16

  • Open Settings.
  • Start Siri and search.
  • Scroll down to Apple’s suggestions. If necessary, you can toggle these choices.
  • A list of apps is lower down on the page.
  • To display more options, select the program you want to manage, such as Contacts.

Since iOS 15, these settings have been slightly modified and reorganized into new groupings that, in many instances, make them easier to grasp. To improve its suggestions in Spotlight and elsewhere. Siri can learn how you use Contacts by selecting the top listing “Learn from this App” for Contacts.

Within Settings, you can see which apps Spotlight is permitted to use in its search results.

If the app itself or its content shows in the results, it will be indicated in the While Searching section.

Other components, like Suggest App, can be toggled to allow or disallow Siri from offering the app in the rows of apps it believes you’ll like to use.

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