How to use iOS 1’s new Mail features

The new improvements and enhancements in Apple Mail for iOS 16 mail feature may tempt you back if you’ve been using Apple Mail alternatives on your iPhone. The new functionalities can be used as seen below.

There are several email apps for the iPhone, and they can now legally take the place of Apple’s default email app. There are also many benefits to switching to one over another. However, it happens surprisingly frequently that you miss Apple Mail’s rock-solid dependability while wanting the advanced capabilities of a third-party mail program.

Because of its near-complete stability, Apple could omit an update to Mail and yet have a successful product. With iOS 16, it hasn’t skipped Mail at all this year.

There are still many things you would like it to be able to do, including work with to-do applications. However, iOS 16 has given Apple Mail some love, and all of the new features are fantastic.

Send messages later by scheduling it

How to use iOS 1's new Mail features

How to use iOS 1’s new Mail features

When you’re finished writing a new email, you may now press and hold the blue Send arrow rather than merely tapping it. You can still choose to send the email right away, but it also contains all of the new Send Later features.

There are two pre-baked choices for sending later by default. You can select whether to send this new email at 21:00 tonight or 08:00 tomorrow with just one tap.

The time is shown in the same format as your iPhone’s main clock, so take note of that. Therefore, it can indicate 9 p.m. and 8 a.m., or over time, it might discover other times that you frequently utilize.

The final option, Send Later, is how you set one of those various times. By tapping that, you can choose the day and hour that the email should be sent.

You must have your iPhone turned on and connected to the internet at that time, but because you never turn it off, that is acceptable.

By the way, whenever you have planned mail of this nature, it is kept in a unique Send Later mailbox until the moment it transmits. You can go into this mailbox, open the message, and make any changes up until it transmits, including the day and time you wish to send it.

But there’s something odd about that time and date. It operates just as you would expect for Send Later; you are given the option to edit the time or date as needed.

In contrast, it differs slightly in the next feature, Remind Me.

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Please alert me to critical messages

How to use iOS 1's new Mail features

How to use iOS 1’s new Mail features

Remind Me’s premise is that an email you’ve just received is essential enough that you shouldn’t ignore it, but not urgent enough to require immediate attention.

When you need to hear the message again, Remind Me will bring it to your attention. Where there is a contradiction is when you have to tell it when that is.

Apple assumes that you will set a date for a reminder by default. No time.

It’s not as if it’s difficult to enable the option to specify a time, either; you simply activate the Time toggle next to the date. However, it differs from the identical panel in Send Later.

You can choose to put Remind Me in an email or immediately from the inbox.

Even if it improved with each subsequent beta release of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, this is remains a strong candidate for the worst new feature ever.

The concept is sound. It is incredibly simple to overlook that someone hasn’t responded when you email a lot of people.

Currently not. In the future, Mail will remind you if they don’t respond within a few days.

It accomplishes this at the top of your inbox similarly to Remind Me. Your  sent message   is  seen at the top of your inbox.

Follow up

Therefore, the communication you sent to someone appears to be returning to you. After a brief adjustment period, you get use to that, but not the fact that Apple Mail chooses what to display to you.

You have absolutely no influence over this; Apple Mail and, most likely, machine learning work together to decide which delivered objects require this treatment.

But it is inaccurate. It makes mistakes considerably more frequently than it does right ones.

Imagine that a client writes you to let you know they have paid your invoice, and you reply thanking them. You and that client don’t anticipate continuing this chat, but Apple Mail may conclude that this is the urgent one.

Creating rich link emails

You may also see rich links in Apple Mail. In other words, a brief preview of the website will seen in the email rather than a URL to a website.

The title of the page is usually place beneath a picture from the top of the website in the preview. Tap anywhere on a message that has a preview like that to access the website.

You only need to copy the website address and paste it to send such a preview. With one helpful exception, before you even press Return, Apple Mail will transform that URL into a preview.

The restriction is in the link must paste on a new line in your email message. it cannot  add at the end of a sentence.

When you paste a link into a Mail message, it instantly transforms from a normal link to a preview.

However, this is advantageous because it shows that you have control over whether or not to deliver a link’s preview. Then, add a line that says, “Here’s the link,” or something like.

There is a chance that taking action to prevent someone from seeing a preview would appear a little suspect. Furthermore, there is no denying that Apple Mail’s preview appears better.

But you’ll be happy to know that there is an alternative . If you’ve ever had trouble transmitting photos between Macs and PCs.

BIMI is an additional indicator that you are real and are not sending spam through the hidden preview to your receiver. Apple Mail now supports Brand Indicators for Message Identification as of iOS 16.

Apple Mail always shows an icon to the left of the sender’s name and the recipient’s name.

This symbol displays the photo when you get an email from a person who has a photo in your contacts app. The Mail icon next to someone’s name is a fairly worthless grey circle with their initials .If they don’t have a photo.

But after a business is allow and registered, that symbol can now display the business’s logo.

There are currently few indications that this will have a significant influence. Eventually it will be typical to have a company’s emblem included in the message.

Therefore, the modification will only serve to reassure us that an email is authentic. Rich links, Send Later, Remind Me, and even Follow Up are minor adjustments that have a significant impact.

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