You don’t have to throw away your old Apple Watch if you just got a new one because Apple makes it simple to utilize  it by sync multiple Apple Watches to one i Phone. How? Read on.

Initially, you could only sync one iPhone with an Apple Watch. Apple eventually provided the capability to sync several devices, but it wasn’t user-friendly.

Once you’ve set everything up, it’s now easier than Apple could have possibly imagined. The only way to switch between two or more Apple Watches from that point forward is to simply take one off and put the other one on.

Your iPhone will only operate with the watch that the Watch detects you are currently wearing. Put the Watch on your wrist, enter your passcode, and even your fitness rings will continue to function as if you were wearing just one watch.

Be aware that your second Watch may not update with the most recent information from your first one for a few minutes. However, it will balance the two, allowing you to add any activity you do on one day to your daily total.

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Plans for the Apple Watch

 sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone

sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone

Any mobile contract, though, won’t just switch over. Your Watch cell contract is linked to a distinct International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), just like your iPhone and the Watches.

You can alter which Watch is linked to your cell contract, but it takes time and you’ll probably need to get in touch with your carrier at some point.

Apple has a support page on it and you can transfer an existing cell plan to a different Apple Watch, but you won’t. Even if you don’t have to call your carrier each time you want to do it, it still takes too long.

But for everything else, any number of Apple Watches will quickly and effortlessly pair all data to your iPhone.

It takes a little longer to set everything up.

Setting up your Apple Watches for the first time

Depending on the kind of Apple Watch you have, setting up and pairing each one to your iPhone can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. One thing we don’t always recognize is how much Apple has accelerated the setup of Apple Watches over time.

But it’s not like you have to do much. The Watch will link with your iPhone once you go through a few processes and make a few decisions.

They must be paired independently. Even though it’s unlikely that you’d try to complete the process concurrently with two or more Watches, wait until the first is finished before wearing a second one.

After pairing the first Watch, remove it, put the next one on, and then pair your iPhone with that one as well.

The Watch and the iPhone should recognize that they need to be paired in exactly the same way as the first time. Apple does, however, mention in a support document that you can manually link them.

Apple does not indicate that you might need to manually pair a Watch, but if you do, follow these steps:

  • The Watch application on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom left, click the My Watch icon (it may already be tapped)
  • At the upper left, click All Watches.
  • Select Add Watch.
  • You’ll now be guided through every step of pairing this additional Apple Watch with your iPhone.

How to change which Apple Watches are connected to the same phone

 sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone

sync multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone

  • Remove the first Apple Watch
  • Don the alternate watch.
  • When you put on an Apple Watch, your iPhone will immediately switch to it.

Just that. You won’t have to think about it because the switching process is so quick and easy . You’ll do it without a second thought.

You may even observe the change taking place if you open the All Watches section of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Until you take off the first Watch.A tick will be shown next to it.

Then, for a brief period of time, you might notice a spinning wheel icon next to one or both of the Watches. However, the iPhone app will mark the other Watch in its list with a checkmark as soon as you put it on.

Whether you have two Apple Watches or twelve, everything happens just as fast and automatically. As a result, it’s difficult to think of a circumstance in which you would prefer that your iPhone not instantly detect that you are wearing a separate Watch.

However, if there’s a good cause, you can disable the automatic switching and always pick the appropriate Watch by yourself.

  • The Watch application on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom left, click the My Watch icon (it may already  tapped)
  • At the upper left, click All Watches.
  • Disable the auto switch
  • Keep in mind that everything here is tailored to you and your Apple Watch collection. None of this works if what you want is for friends or a partner to utilize one of your Watches.

Instead, you must laboriously unpair the desired Watch from your iPhone. They must then struggle through pairing it with their iPhone.

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