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Having access to the same files in different places means that you aren’t consuming precious storage on your primary device, which you could use for other data. Storing files elsewhere means that you are saving storage space.

Though you could set up your dedicated database server, it might be more expensive than using storage that is already available. A cheaper alternative is to use storage that is already on the network and store the data on the same server that runs the web server.

If you use two or more computers in your everyday life.  You can do this by setting up folders that can be shared and viewed by the other desktop or by using an old computer that is used as a file server.

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Windows sharing to Mac

You know that Mac can share files over the network with a PC but you may have a problem sharing files from a Windows PC over the network to your Mac. It’s not too difficult to configure it.

Setting up Windows file sharing

Setting up Windows file sharing. First, check that the Windows computer has network discovery enabled. To do this, click Start, Settings, then network, then ethernet or wi-fi, depending on what is available, then change advanced sharing options.

Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu on the top right. Under the Wireless Networks section, ensure Network Discovery is turned on, and that “Automatically connect to networks when they are available” is ticked. Under File and Printer Sharing, ensure that it is turned on, and click Save Changes.

You can also make any available public files visible by changing their properties to “Everyone”, or you can change their permissions to “This folder is shared by everyone”.

Properties can access by right-clicking the folder. Click Sharing, then click Share under Network File and Folder Sharing. The user account you want to share the folder with should be selected. Click “Share” to finish.

You could use the Advanced Sharing options to make more advanced changes to the folders’ permissions, such as making it read-only for some users. There is no need to enter this part if it is simply a share for personal use. After getting the folders set up for sharing, the next step is to get the other computer to access those folders over the network.

share folders and files from Mac to Windows and vice versa

Accessing shared Windows folders in macOS

How to access shared Windows folders on Mac OS X, like connecting to a server with Windows share through AFP or SMB. To get this working, you will need a few details from your PC first, which you can find in the Network & Internet section of the settings of the Windows PC, that has been shared.

You can share files and folders between your Mac and Windows PCs using a USB-C hub. Plug your USB-C hub into a Windows PC and connect to the shared folder. On the Mac, you can find the shared folder in Finder, then drag the folder into it.

In the Connect to Server drop-down box, type in smb:// followed by the DNS name of the Windows PC, followed by /, then followed by the name of the folder, then followed by the IP address of the Windows PC, followed by /, followed by the name of the folder.

To access your files, you’ll need to provide your credentials, which may include your username, password and domain. Once you’ve been successfully authenticated. You can access the files stored in your folders.

Mac sharing to Windows

Mac users sharing with Windows PCs. This is a little easier to get started, as setting up file sharing on the Mac is a bit simpler overall. But accessing it on the Windows PC is a bit tougher.

Setting up Mac file sharing

How to set up a Mac so that anyone with an Internet connection can access it. Click System Preferences, Sharing, and the Apple logo in the macOS menu. Toggle on File Sharing by clicking the checkbox next to it, then select Options. Select Share files and folders using SMB after that.

The Shared Folders option check by default. But you must check the box beside the user account sharing files to the Windows PC. Once you’ve confirmed the shared file folder and given a password for the account. Click Done to add the shared drive to your device.

Click the Back button in your browser to return to the previous screen. If there are any changes in your workgroup settings you’ll see them here. Click your workgroup name, then Advanced, then select the WINS checkbox.

Add the folder. Under the Users section of your shared folders, click the plus sign. Then navigate to the folder you want to share, and click Add. You can change the settings for the folder under Permissions, including who can access the folder and what they can do with it.

This includes reading and writing, read-only access, write-only access, and denying access.

Accessing shared macOS folders in Windows

To access shared macOS folders on Windows, open File Explorer and select Network. The Mac should appear in that list. If so, click it and enter the Mac account name and password to access it.

share folders and files from Mac to Windows and vice versa