In this blog post, you will get quality content about set up an iPad for another family member. Buying a newer iPad is a great decision for a family with an elderly loved one, whether he or she uses it for games, productivity, or watching videos. You don’t want your elderly family members to be stuck on an older version of an iOS device, since they may not be able to upgrade to newer ones as easily.

Similarly, people often purchase newer iPad models specifically for use by young users or adults. Before you just hand over an iPad, there are some simple steps you should take to make sure it’s well-suited for the task.

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Reset and wipe your iPad

Reset your iPad so no one else can access the content you’ve stored in it. To do this, head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Create a new Apple ID

Create a new Apple ID. You should create a separate account for each person that uses an Apple product. There are no “family” accounts available.

All devices in the Apple Family include children and elderly family members. If your child or family member already has an Apple ID, they can just simply log into their factory defaulted device with their email and password.

Children who are older than 13 years old should be creating their own Apple ID. If your child is younger than 13, they should be able to still use their Apple ID, but you’ll need to create it for them.

You need to open the Settings app on the parent or guardian’s iPhone to set up the user’s Apple ID.

It’ll have the parent’s or guardian’s name Find and tap on Family Sharing. Tap on Add Member. Finally, tap Create an Account for a Child.

set up an iPad for another family member

Set up Family Sharing

Sign into Family Sharing on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to see which family members have shared purchases. This can help you to keep track of what content they’ve downloaded and what they haven’t shared. It can also help to keep track of what content is available for family members.

You can manage all your family’s Family Sharing locations through the iPhone or iPad App on the iTunes Store. You can easily share your locations with friends and family, as well as find out where they are.

Restricting access to certain system settings, like the Camera, is possible. Family Sharing groups are only limited to up to six people. The person who creates the family group can be made the “Family Organizer” and is the one who will be responsible for paying for any purchases made by other family members if allowed.

If you want to add a family member who has an Apple ID, go to the Settings screen. Your name is displayed when you tap the Apple ID card. Click on Family sharing. Hit “Add Member” once. Next, select Invite People.

Click here to go to the Invite page. Enter the name of the person, email address, phone number, message, and how you know them.

set up an iPad for another family member

Download their favorite apps

There are many fun applications for iPhone and iPad that a user would love to have. Before buying a new iPad for a family member, you might want to outfit the tablet with some useful or fun apps. These are perfect for kids, too.

People in elder care facilities often benefit from apps like Facebook, Zoom, and other ways that keep them connected. In the same vein, it might be a good idea to delete apps that you don’t want them having access to.

For a child, you may want to eliminate the web browser and the mail app. Preloading apps on a user’s device is a good way to get them up and running without giving them access to download just any app from the App Store. Once the device has apps on it, you can remotely restrict app downloads and purchases using Family Sharing.

Set Up Parental Controls

Set Up Parental Controls. If you’re giving an iPad to a young user, it’s a good idea to set up Parental Controls before giving them the device. Some good items to enable are Ask to Buy, which means that children will need to remotely request permission from you before making a purchase.

Set time limits for how often you use certain apps or your phone. Even better: grant a kid more time past a screen time limit if they ask for it.

Tips for Older Family Members

There are lots of things you can do to make the iPad easier to use by older family members, including setting up accessibility options. If you head to General > Accessibility, there are settings you can change, such as allowing zoomed-in elements on the screen.

This app helps to back up your device to the cloud periodically. If this is your older family member’s first Apple device, you should go into Contacts and add important information for you and other family members.