When you send an iMessage, you are limited to the same set of characters that are available in the Messages app. However, there is a way to spice up your messages with a bit of style. You can add special effects to your texts, such as changing your text to bold or italic. You can also add a special effect to your photos, such as adding a filter or adding a gradient to a photo.

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Make sure it’s iMessage Send flairs in iMessage

The most common mistake that people make when creating messages is forgetting to set the bubble colors to “Bubble”. This means that any message sent from your phone will look like this: Instead, you should see something more like this: This will ensure that your messages are properly seen by other participants in the conversation.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can send your reaction with a smiley face or frowny face, or even an emoji. You can also send a text, voice or video message, as well as add stickers. Android users can use iMessage reactions, but they are limited to just a few animations. The latest update to the app brings support for animated stickers, including an emoji that lets you send a reaction without typing anything.

Send flairs in iMessage

Bubble Effects

Speech bubble effects have an impact on the subsequent message you send. Several effects are possible, including:

  • Until the recipient swipes it to expose the text, invisible ink conceals the message itself.
  • The message text inside the bubble is made extremely small and gentle.
  • The bubble will grow and shake before shrinking back to its original size when loud is applied.
  • Slam adds additional shaking as it quickly slams the message bubble onto the thread.

How to send bubble effects in iMessage on an iPhone

In the text field, enter a message or paste a picture. Once grey dots start to form, touch and hold the blue arrow. To preview an effect before using it, tap the grey dots adjacent to it. To send, press the blue arrow.

Effects for full-screen

Full-screen effects, as their name suggests, take things a step further by showing a larger animation on the recipient’s screen.

How to Send Bubble Effects in iMessage on an iPhone

In the text field, enter a message or paste a picture. Once grey dots start to form, touch and hold the blue arrow. At the very top of the screen, tap Screen. To preview the different animations, swipe left and right. To send, press the blue arrow.

Compared to bubbles, you have more full-screen effects to experiment with:

Echo depicts the message you’re about to deliver as a spinning cyclone. Spotlight casts a circle of light above your message before disappearing. Background animation of balloons floating in the air. A paper shower appears from the top of the screen as confetti falls. From the message, love sprouts a heart balloon that flies away. Lasers emit a momentary light that is visible from the message. The background of the message is created by fireworks. Celebration is comparable to fireworks, with the exception that it comes from a single display corner and is golden in color.

Certain words or text strings may also cause some of these full-screen animations to start playing.

  • Fireworks start when you say “Happy New Year.”
  • Confetti is started with “Congratulations.”
  • Balloons are triggered by “Happy Birthday.”

Send flairs in iMessage


You might use the handwriting feature in iMessage to add a personal touch to the text itself. By doing this, you can send an animation of yourself typing the message on the display.

How to use iMessage on an iPhone to send a handwritten message

  • Position the iPhone in landscape mode.
  • On the keyboard, press the handwriting-loop button. Usually, it is in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Use your finger to begin composing a message.
  • To increase the writable area, scroll to the right as necessary.
  • Click Done.
  • Hit the Send button in blue.

You can also select one of the preset phrases at the bottom of the entry screen if your handwriting is shaky. Your sent messages will also be stored here for further use. By touching and holding the saved message, waiting for it to jiggle, and hitting X, you can remove it from the collection.