In this blog post, you will get quality content about making an iPhone or iPad turn on continuously. You might have good reasons for leaving your iPad or iPhone on for a long time. But why would you want to do this and whether it will destroy your device remain unanswered issues.

My home office is currently set up with a MacBook Pro and an external display. Then, to expand my desktop, I connected an iPad to the MacBook.

I can simply read and send messages while working because Slack is always shown on the iPad. I turn on my MacBook and iPad at the end of the day and let the screensaver run.

There are several reasons you would desire an iPad that is constantly on. They work well for continuous playback of music, displaying dashboards, the weather, or just the clock.

Additionally, kiosk displays using iPads to offer static information or gather user data are becoming more and more common.

Also useful are iPhones’ always-on screens. The NowPlaying app uses Shazam’s service to continuously scan the area for music being played and retrieve information on the song, artists, and more.

There are numerous iPhone apps that may transform your device into a bedside clock that continuously shows the time and other data. The number of justifications for wanting your iPad or iPhone display on for a longer period of time is endless.

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iPhone or iPad turn on continuously


Do iPads and iPhones have a burn-in problem?

Is it okay to leave your iPhone or iPad on for that long? This is the question that I asked when I set up my iPad as an always-on display and that many people ask when they have a similar requirement.

We are all aware that graphics on an old CRT monitor will be permanently etched into the screen if they are left on display. Although advances in display technology have been significant, you might be shocked to learn that “screen burn-in” can still be a problem.

Screen burn-in occurs when an image is displayed for an excessively long time and its ghost is still discernible after the image is replaced. Depending on the type of device, screen burn-in can be either permanent or temporary.


With LCD, permanent burn-in is rarely a problem (Liquid Crystal Display). All iPads, older iPhones, and Apple laptops have LCDs. However, the IPS (in-plane switching) technology used in these screens may result in brief burn-in (also known as image retention or ghosting).

With a few exceptions, iPhones started coming with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays starting with the iPhone X. Due to the degradation of the organic material in the display, OLED is more prone to persistent burn-in. Apple not only took steps to prevent it, but as OLED technology advances, burn-in is becoming less and less of an issue.

Even a brief burn-in does not cause any problems for the majority of iPad and iPhone users. This is mostly because LCD panels are less susceptible to hacking. But it’s also because Apple has security features incorporated into its software. The Super Retina OLED display, for instance, constantly checks and calibrates each pixel.

Leaving the same app open for a long period of time shouldn’t be a problem for you if you have an iPad or iPhone with an LCD display. Burn-in or picture retention is most likely merely transient and will disappear in a few minutes.

And what about Apple’s defenses? On an OLED screen, it will subtly move a long-static image by one or two pixels in a direction, altering the state of the majority of the pixels.

What about battery durability and deterioration?

You should probably keep an iPad or iPhone plugged in all day if you need to use it regularly. This shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of devices.

iPhones have benefited from Optimized Battery Charging since iOS 13. Your battery will last longer thanks to this function, so leaving it plugged in shouldn’t be a problem.

Additionally, if the system notices that you use the device primarily at your desk. It will monitor your usage patterns and only charge the battery to 80%.

On iPads, Optimized Battery Charging is not a feature. However, according to Apple, an iPad cannot be overcharged. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the charger you’re using is properly certified and has the right amount of output for your device.

Constant charging might not be the problem if you leave your iPad or iPhone running for a long period of time and it starts to feel warm. It’s possible that the software you’re using is taxing the processor too much.

In any case, switch off your gadget to allow it to cool.

iPhone or iPad turn on continuously

How do I prevent my display from going dark?

There is one setting you must change so your iPad or iPhone won’t shut off automatically. If you choose to use them as “always-on” devices.

Go to Display & Brightness under Settings. Click Auto-Lock. Click Never. Your display will now stay on after you turn it on until you use the side or top button to turn it off.