How to Fix iphone Battery Drain Issue?

If you are facing issues How to Fix iphone Battery Drain Issue?  Then you need to check some basic things first. You should make sure you have the latest version of iOS and updated your iphone app. If you are still facing this problem then you can go ahead and try some other solutions. You can check this article for some other tips and ways to Reduce iphone Battery Drain.

In this article we will give you some ways to increase your battery life in your iPhone. Your iPhone has two batteries, the Li-Ion (or lithium-ion) battery and the NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery. The Li-Ion battery is found in the main body of the phone, and the NiMH battery is found in the back of the phone.

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Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health

by Checking the Battery Level One of the most important steps is to check your iPhone’s battery health by checking its battery level. The first thing you should do is to connect your iPhone to a power source and then go to Settings → General → Usage. You should see a graph that displays your iPhone’s remaining battery life.

  • If you see the percentage bar at 0% then your battery has been drained. This means that your iPhone’s battery is no longer charged. To recharge the battery, you can use the power adapter provided with your iPhone or charge it using an external charger.
  • In contrast, if the percentage bar shows a number greater than 100%, this means that your iPhone’s battery is fully charged.

Ways to Reduce Battery Drain:

1. Disable Background App Refresh

Make sure that the app is set to “Foreground” or “Always” instead of “Background.” Background mode means that your app runs in the background even when you don’t use it. This mode drains battery faster because it always has to keep running even when you aren’t using it. Foreground mode means that the app only runs while you are using it. It stays in the foreground and only goes into the background if it’s needed.

You may need to remove it until the makers issue an update. Hence, a good place to start would be your “Battery” icon on your home screen. From there, you can quickly access any apps that you’ve installed recently. If you don’t find the app you’re looking for, here are some other ways to track down apps draining your battery:

1. Tap Settings on your Home Screen.

2. Tap “Battery” to bring up the “Battery Usage” menu.

3. Check “Battery History” to see when apps were most active.

4. Always tap on the oldest activity first so that you don’t accidentally uninstall the app.

2. Stop Using Non-MFi Cables and Chargers

MFi stands for Made For iPhone. MFi, for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, is a licence scheme that permits third-party firms to create accessories for Apple devices. There are a lot of people who don’t bother and these knock-offs might damage your battery.

Further, a number of them don’t provide the correct protection from shocks or short circuit damage. They usually cost just as much, though. It’s far better to invest in a genuine Apple charger, cable or power adaptor.

3. Keep device cool to Reduce Battery Drain :

Keep Your Device Cool If you’re a heavy iPhone user, then you know that having a warm iPhone can cause problems. For example, iPhones can get a little warm when used heavily. This can damage your device and cause it to stop working properly. You can prevent this from happening by keeping your iPhone cool. You’ll find that the coolest place to put your iPhone is in a case. A case that is specifically designed for your device is best.

Ways to Reduce iphone Battery Drain

4. Dim the brightness:

This is a really easy modification that can save a lot of battery life. Turning your iPhone’s screen brightness down a bit at night will help keep the battery from draining so quickly during those long-ass flights. This is a best Ways to Reduce iphone Battery Drain.

And it’s not just about keeping the battery from dying. Lowering the brightness also lets you see more clearly what’s in front of you on the plane, which can be a lifesaver when your eyes are strained from reading the tiny little text on the screen. If you find yourself having trouble focusing on the screen because of the brightness, try lowering the brightness a bit more until it feels right.

Ways to Reduce iphone Battery Drain

 5. Turn on the Auto-Brightness:

With auto-brightness you can adjust the brightness of your screen depending on the brightness of your surroundings, such as a dimly lit area or sunlight. This feature saves your battery by turning off the screen when you’re not using it.

But before you turn auto-brightness off, it’s a good idea to check if your eyes are comfortable with the screen brightness. You can use auto-brightness in iPhone.

6. Disable Raise to Wake:

As soon as you pick up your iPhone, it believes you want to use it, and then it turns on the screen. If you’re constantly picking it up or walking around with it in your hand, your iPhone battery will quickly deplete.

  • In the Settings menu, select Display & Brightness.
  • Toggle off Raise to Wake by scrolling down.

7. Eliminate Widgets to Reduce Battery Drain :

Yes, I know widgets are wonderful, and that they’re great for keeping up with current events or the weather. However, when used too often, widgets can drain your battery, particularly those that update regularly, such as a weather or map widget. To avoid draining your battery, remove widgets by tapping the ‘Delete Widget’ button. To delete many widgets at once, tap ‘Edit Home Screen.’ All of your applications and widgets will start wiggling. Tap the minus in the widget’s top-left corner to remove the wavy squares.  You may also remove widgets from your Today screen by swiping right. This is a best Ways to Reduce iphone Battery Drain.

 8. Reduce Motion is turned on:

If you turn on this feature, some of your home screen apps will have animations disabled. They won’t really affect anything, but it will prevent your iPhone’s battery from draining so fast. To do this, go to Accessibility – Motion in the Settings menu.

Use the ‘Motion’ option to turn on and off the features that use the motion sensor to detect motion. Select ‘Reduce Motion’ to make most iPhone apps use less power when the phone is motionless. This option is turned off by default for all apps on a phone. You can only change this setting for individual apps. When this feature is turned on, the phone will be less responsive if you don’t move it around. You can also use the Control Center to reduce motion detection. Also read about: iOS 14 Battery Drain: 29+ Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer