How to Find your WIFI Password in Settings for iOS 16

Here’s how to quickly find your WIFI password for a connection you use on your iPhone if you need it but can’t remember it.

There isn’t much reason to remember a Wi-Fi network’s password aside from the initial sign-on process or giving the password to someone else.

There isn’t much of a motivation to actively remember the password when you consider how frequently difficult the passwords are, how many different options there are to transmit the login information, including iOS’ built-in prompts for contacts and the production of QR codes for guest logins.

However, there is virtually always a good reason to need the actual Wi-Fi password.

For instance, you could have to text or speak the Wi-Fi password to a calling relative when you’re away from home. Displaying a warning of the Wi-Fi password is unsafe, and directing users to a card on the router that contains the passcode may be a call to further surveillance.

If you need to share the Wi-Fi password with someone but are unable to do so via the current sharing options and only have access to an iPhone or iPad, you can still do so with the utmost ease.

Find your WIFI Password


You must be using iOS 16, iPadOS 16, or later operating systems to use this strategy.

Additionally, this will only function for Wi-Fi networks that you have already logged into and for which the iPhone or iPad has retained the login information for future connections. Since you would initially need to enter the password into iOS, it will clearly not function for Wi-Fi networks that you have yet to connect to.

Apple has additionally configured the functionality so that you cannot read the password without first completing a Face ID or Touch ID authentication. This is done for added protection. This will prevent anyone from obtaining the same Wi-Fi credential if they chance to know the passcode for the iPhone or discover the iPad to be unlocked.

There are two options, with the first being the simplest if you are nearby and have access to the necessary Wi-Fi network.

Find your WIFI Password

Open Settings to view your Wi-Fi password in iOS 16

  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Next to the network you want information about, tap the blue I icon.
  • Tap the password that hide.
  • Obey the Face ID or Touch ID request for authentication.

When you go away from that screen in the Settings app, the password will become visible.

In iOS 16, you may view any previously entered Wi-Fi password and copy it as well.

You will have the useful choice of copying the password in plain text. This is useful since you could copy it and paste it into a text message to someone else rather than physically entering it again.

If the password is saved on the iPhone, you can still view it even if you’re out of range of the network. If you want to know about a Wi-Fi network you connected to in the past.

Open Settings to see the Wi-Fi password for an older known network on iOS 16

  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • In the top-right corner, select Edit. To continue, you might need to perform a new Touch
  • ID or Face ID authentication.
  • In the list of recognized networks, select one by selecting the blue I icon next to it.
  • If the password is present, tap it to view it.

One word of caution

Although Apple has made it simple for the owner of an iPhone or iPad to view the previously-used password and no one else, do exercise caution when doing so.

Consider who or where you are giving the password to and whether there are any risks before doing so because it is a necessary component of network connection security.

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