Apple has added some new features to its iPhone operating system. The newest version of the popular mobile operating system includes the ability to use the app-based “Drag and Drop” feature to send links and photos directly to another device, without having to share any information over the web first. Check out these tips to do Drag-and-drop files, photos, links and text across your apps.

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 Drag-and-drop photos and videos on the iPhone

Apple announced its new “Drag and Drop” feature for iOS today, bringing the functionality to Safari and other apps for easy image transfer. Now, it works across all the apps you use to view photos in order to easily share them to other apps.

1. For this example, I’m going to open the native Photos application and start the drag-and-drop process. First, open the Photos application.

2. On the Photos app toolbar, click on the little icon with the arrow pointing down.

3. Select “Copy.”

4. Go back to Windows and paste.

5. This is what you see when you drag the image you just copied into a new document.

In grid view, press and hold your finger down on a photo or video, until the quick action menu appears, and then move your finger to scroll through the available actions.

1. If you want to add more photos to share, use your other finger to tap on any other photos or videos, which will automatically be added to the other photo underneath your finger.

2. Use your other finger to leave the application and navigate to where you want to drop the photo or video.

Drag-and-drop files, photos, links and text across your apps

Drag-and-drop files on the iPhone

Files is a great place to store documents like documents, images, and videos. It’s easy to move files between apps, and you can use it as a storage area for your files. Drag-and-drop files, photos, links and text across your apps

The easiest way to open files and folders in Windows is to just double-click on them. When they are displayed in the Files app, press the keyboard button and choose a specific action – like Open or Save As.

Clicking the icon on the desktop, you get the prompt to open the file with the default application. The same thing happens if you click a link from a social networking site like Facebook, so there’s no need to use a finger.

If you’re already using the Files app, this is a faster way to share files via text or email. And you can drag-and-drop web links into the app for quick access to them.

Drag-and-drop links on the iPhone

It’s just like photos, except you can drag and drop links from applications such as Safari, Calendar and more. To drag and drop the link, you must be able to push down on it and have the fast action menu show.

The new way to access the address bar is in iOS 9, and it’s simple to perform. From the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, tap on the Safari icon, then open the address bar and tap in the space where you see the URL of the web page. Then drag your finger over the top of the screen until the link or webpage floats below the pointer, or until you see a plus symbol.

The gesture is simple: touch the green plus button to launch the link and tap elsewhere to drop it. You can drop links in other apps, such as Facebook or WhatsApp. The gesture is simple: touch the green plus button to launch the link and tap elsewhere to drop it.

Copy an item on the Home Screen

Touch the thing and hold it till it rises. While you hold it, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to reveal the Dock. Press the Home button on an iPad with a Home button.

Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen with another finger and pause to display the dock or click the home button. While you hold the item, use your finger to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and pause to reveal the dock or press the home button. Drag the item over the other app and drop the item to open the app.

For example, if you open a note, you can add a line, a checkbox, a bullet, and so on. You can also drag and drop the note or an individual note to rearrange their order. In other words, you can do nearly everything you can think of in a note to organize your content in various ways.

Use your finger to drag the item you wish to drop over any of the other apps in the list. The other apps will appear as a ghost image beneath your finger as you drag. As you drop the item, it will appear at the position of the ghost image.

Drag and drop is one of the easiest ways to move and copy items between windows, and it can also be used to drop items onto a particular window. Another way is to open the item where you want to drop it, then hold down the Command key, and then release it near the item you want to drop.

Drag-and-drop files, photos, links and text across your apps

Select multiple items to move

Drag and Drop is a common user interface technique that allows users to drag and drop files from one place to another on their computer. Drag and drop is an intuitive way to add items to your digital scrapbook, or upload images for your online photo album.

The iPhone has always been a device that comes packed with features but also one that has offered little in terms of user experience design. The iPad has started to change that with a few big changes that make using your device a far more intuitive experience. One example is the iPhone app that lets you select multiple items and then add them all at once to a new or existing folder.

Drag all of the items together. Drag all of the items together. If you change your mind about moving items, lift your finger before dragging, or drag the items off the screen.