Apple’s iOS 16 enables you to design the best fitness-based customization layout across all of your devices to help you stay active. Here is the procedure of fitness user interface in iOS 16.

You may have several Focus Modes for different activities, like as work, exercise, etc., and Apple now allows you to set the wallpaper on your iPhone and Apple Watch to coincide with the active Focus Mode. These options now enable you to give your smartphone a unique appearance and display relevant information when activating a Mode.

Before configuring a personalized fitness interface

Before customizing the Fitness Focus Mode, you should ensure that the changes will sync across all of your devices once the mode is engaged. Here is how to proceed fitness user interface in iOS 16.

  • Go into Settings
  • Select “Focus”
  • Navigate to “Share Across Devices” beneath all of the custom Focus Modes you’ve made.
  • Activate this option

By activating this option, all of your devices will automatically transition to Focus Mode. This will allow you to have a consistent experience across all of your devices when you want to view specific information when in a particular Focus Mode.

How to install a fitness-themed iPhone Focus background

You must setup your Fitness Lock Screen prior to setting everything up and connecting it so that it may be activated automatically when you begin a workout.

Here are the steps to personalize your Lock Screen for your fitness needs.

  • Hold down the Lock Screen until the Customization Mode for it appears.
  • Tap the plus sign in the lower-right corner of the display or slide to the end of your Lock
  • Screen options and tap “Add New.”
  • Select the image and text font you like to feature when exercising.
  • Tap “Add Widgets” beneath the clock to get a selection of widgets. Since this wallpaper will match with the Fitness Focus Mode, it would be perfect to include the activity widgets.
  • When you are finished creating your wallpaper, select “Done.”

There are two methods for linking your wallpaper to the Fitness Focus Mode.

  • Launch the Lock Screen configuration menu
  • Under the wallpaper you want to set, tap “Focus”
  • When you initiate Focus Mode, select “Fitness” to set the background.

The alternative is to:

  • Go to Settings and choose Focus
  • Tap “Fitness”
  • Then, beneath the iPhone icon in the Customize Screens section, touch “Choose.”
  • Select the background you created and the Focus Mode will be applied.

Now that you’ve configured your Lock Screen, it will be able to provide you with crucial information at a glance via the widgets you choose and energize you during your exercises with the background you chose to promote.

Upon completion of your chosen workout, the Focus Mode will automatically deactivate and switch to your default Lock Screen, which is neutral when no Focus Mode is enabled.

How to configure a Home Screen depending on fitness

While the Lock Screen is the screen you may check more frequently (to view the time or your Activity ring progress), the Home Screen can also be adjusted and personalized for the Fitness Focus Mode.

You can select the Home Screen(s) you are currently using (or the ones you have hidden) or one of the premade ones your device offers. Here is how to select specific Home Screen(s) for configuration.

  • Go to Settings and choose Focus
  • Choose Fitness from the list of Focus Modes you’ve created.
  • Choose “Select” beneath the Home Screen icon (the central icon) in the Customize Screens section.
  • Choose the Home Screen(s) to be displayed when the Fitness Focus Mode is activated.
  • To finish, click the “Done” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Customizable on three distinct displays.

Once complete, only the Home Screen(s) you chose will be accessible in Fitness Focus Mode.

Depending on the widgets and apps you have on your Home Screen, it has never been easier to input, track, and view your fitness stats. This can help you push yourself farther to achieve your fitness objectives and maintain your fitness journey’s momentum.

You can modify and personalize the Home Screen(s) at any moment, including when the Focus Mode is enabled.

How to set a fitness-based wallpaper for the Focus Apple Watch

When exercising with an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the finest accessory to have. Using your Apple Watch to record your workouts activates the Fitness Focus Mode immediately.

Set the watch face and your preferred workout compilations prior to beginning your workout(s).

  • Enter the Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Select “Face Gallery” in the screen’s bottom center.
  • Select the watch face you wish to use when exercising (the Activity area is the best face for workouts, however Nike+ watch faces are also available with watches).
  • Configure your watch face to display the desired compilations (depending on how many complications you can add, showing the progress of your activity rings, your heart rate, and any other fitness features you have synced on your watch may be most ideal).
  • In the Settings menu, select “Focus.”
  • Focus on the Fitness domain
  • Select “Choose” beside the Apple Watch icon in Customize Screens (the last one to the right)
  • Choose the watch face you just designed (it will be the last watch face on the list)

Now that you have chosen the watch face to be used during exercise, your Apple Watch will automatically switch to that watch face at the start of your workout.

At the conclusion of your workout, Focus Mode will deactivate and your original watch face will be restored.

fitness user interface in iOS 16

Stay busy and shut the rings

Staying active and on top of your health is not always a simple endeavor, but the iPhone, Apple Watch, and – especially – Focus Mode make it much simpler and more straightforward.

Being able to concentrate on one category in your life makes it easier to achieve the goals you set for that category. Fitness Focus Mode, in conjunction with the personalized Lock Screen, Home Screen(s), and Apple Watch watch face you designed and selected, will help motivate you to achieve any goals you may have set. It is certainly a game-changer and an excellent tool to employ.

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