With iOS 16, Apple has improved its health sharing features and added the capability to request someone else’s data. Here are some things you can do to manage how information is shared.

Apple has updated its Health app with new features like medication tracking, but the biggest change in sharing is that it can now be prompted. As of iOS 15, you can share any of your health information with whoever will listen, and they can do the same if they are aware of the feature.

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Updates to the sharing of health data

You can now ask someone you are caring for to give you access to their health information. That could be helpful because you may frequently be looking after an elderly person who won’t browse their iPhone for this Health app.

You can utilize your Health app to send them an invitation rather than them nodding yes and stating they’ll get right on it. They can complete the task by following the prompts after receiving that on their iPhones.

Instead, the app now offers the option to create a PDF of your accessible health records if you or they are enrolled with a connected health institution.


sharing of health data in iOS 16


How to request access to someone’s health information

  • Activate the Health app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the Sharing icon.
  • Select Invite Someone to Share Send the invitation via mail, message, or another method.

If you decide to ask them through email, the standard mail message is a little on the short side. There is only a link in the body and no subject.

On an iPhone, tapping the link immediately launches the Health app and directs the user to the Sharing section. Be aware that if they attempt to access it on either an iPad or a Mac, Safari will launch, and a “server not found” message will appear.

In conclusion, you may wish to add a line or two to that email to explain the situation.

In contrast, if you choose to invite others over Messages, they will only receive a little health graphic with the title “Sharing Invitation” and some generic language about your want to share their data.

How to Exchange Health Information

  • Activate the Health app.
  • In the bottom row, click the Sharing icon.
  • Decide to Share with Someone.
  • Enter their name in the appropriate field.
  • Tap to choose them if their name shows in the list.
  • Accept the app’s recommendations or select manually what you want to share.
  • Continue clicking Next to view the potential sharing topics
  • Look at “Here’s What You’ve Chosen to Share” on the last page.
  • When you’re done, select Share.

The person you’re looking for might not be on the list. Only those who are using iOS 15 or later and who are on your Contacts list will have their name displayed.

Additionally, you will find a ton of alternatives for sharing your health information with them. There are 117 different health-related subjects with iOS 16, ranging from fall detection alarms to menstrual cycle information.

sharing of health data in iOS 16

What to share and how to choose

Even if you set up the sharing of health data in every way possible, nothing will be shared by default. What you wish to share with someone must be consciously chosen.

However, Apple does make things as simple as they can. Accepting the Health app’s recommendations throughout the sharing setup process will share roughly six different health subjects.

These include fairly standard ones like whether you receive a warning for a high or low heart rate.

Instead, decide to manually configure what you want to share, and you will then be presented with a range of important themes like Heart, Hearing, Activity, and so on. You may tap on each component to toggle on or off sharing this information, and each part provides the main options right there.

But there are more possibilities for the majority of areas. You can view the entire list of health subjects under that section or category by tapping See All.

There is an individual on/off toggle for each health topic that is accessible in this sharing section of the Health app. A Turn On All button will be added to sections to prevent you from repeatedly tapping your way through a big list.

However, the key is that nothing you choose to share is required, and you have complete discretion over anything you do choose to share.

If you decide otherwise

You might eventually find that you don’t need to disclose your health information to anyone. Or maybe things have changed and it would be more helpful to talk more now.

Go back to the Sharing section of the Health app and switch that on if you want to add something else to share with someone. Alternatively, you can go back through the app and switch off those specific details if you don’t want to share anymore.

To stop sharing anything with someone completely:

  • Activate the Health app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Sharing.
  • Tap the name of the person you wish to unshare with under You Are Sharing With.
  • To stop sharing, go to the bottom of the table of health data.

It’s over as soon as you formally decide to cease sharing. They can no longer access your most recent health information.

Notably, they can no longer view the history of the information you shared with them.

Everything is as carefully considered as Apple always is. It requires positive decision-making to share your health information. It can never be done accidentally or with more or less detail than you desire.