Although Apple’s Private Relay provides some level of online security, there are various VPN services that can do additional functions. Here’s how to activate a VPN in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 on your iPhone or iPad to use a VPN.

Consider checking out Apple’s Private Relay service, which is a part of its iCloud package, if privacy and security are issues for you. With the ultimate objective of making online browsing for iPhone and iPad users safer and more private, that also includes other stuff like Hide My Email.

And in light of claims that there is a VPN issue with iOS, you have to keep Private Relay in mind. Although there isn’t a permanent fix yet, there are workarounds that can assist maintain security.

If you’ve already set up a VPN, you can easily follow these solutions.

Activate a VPN on iOS 16

Private Internet Access

In essence, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection builds a tunnel between your iPhone to the website or online service you want to access. Before leaving your phone, all of your data is encrypted, and it is also encrypted on the way back.

As a result, whomever manages to intercept the connection shouldn’t be able to access your data or determine your location or the type of device you’re using, among other things.

It’s also not like you have to be employed by the Secret Service for this to be a problem.

If you’ve ever touched on the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone while waiting in line at an airport, a list of free Wi-Fi networks will show up. Some are trustworthy; the only issue is that, for some reason, they move exceedingly slowly.

Some, however, could not be the actual airport WiFi. And other might be Wi-Fi hotspots, possibly owned by that unsettling-looking person seated two rows away.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t simply join any active Wi-Fi network. However, if you do and your VPN is on, that suspicious person can become quite agitated.

In addition, you may sometimes spoof where you are, which is beneficial. For instance, Netflix won’t allow you to log in if you have a US subscription but are currently traveling in the UK.

But if you turn on your VPN and tell Netflix you’re in the United States, it will do so.

So that’s an advantage of a VPN, but if you work for a company, there may be instances when your own systems won’t let you log in from abroad without one. The same is occasionally possible with banks.

The benefits of a VPN extend beyond simple security, thus. You may find them convenient and at peace with yourself.

Activate a VPN on iOS 16

Selecting a VPN

Although VPNs come and go, the top ones have been around for a while. In order to use one, you must purchase one and sign up for a third-party VPN service, therefore the first task is to research them.

A minimum of 256-bit encryption is required, but you should also study their privacy policies and look for data restrictions. The amount of internet usage you can access through some services may be restricted.

Some will also place a restriction on how many devices you may use your single subscription on. This is significant if you also have an iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

Whose service — and which price — is best for you must be determined by you. However, dependable VPN choices include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark

Configuring a VPN

Download the VPN provider’s app from the App Store. If a free trial is available, sign up for it. After that, follow the instructions for setting up the VPN.

The order will essentially remain the same, though. The app must first install on your smartphone what is known as a VPN profile.

When Apple tries to do that, it will hopefully explain what it implies to you, but iOS will undoubtedly ask for your consent. You do wish to setup a VPN configuration, you answer.

Your access to the VPN is now available. Simply turn it on and off as necessary.

That toggle will be present with any VPN software, but iOS 16 also has one.

  • Open Settings
  • On the General screen, click VPN & Device Management.
  • Tap the VPN’s name to enable or disable it.

Concerns with VPNs

A security expert said that a defect in iOS meant that VPNs don’t operate, or rather, that they can fail in specific situations, in August 2022. It’s extremely unsettling to learn that the bug has allegedly existed since at least 2020.

There are two situations where it’s a problem, regardless of whether Apple should have corrected this by now or whether it will.

First, your original connection should be instantly stopped and then resumed if you have already browsed a website and then turn on your VPN. You should even see that a secure connection has taken the place of an earlier insecure one to the same location.

According to reports, the problem sometimes prevents the drop and re-establishment of this previous connection. By activating Airplane Mode on your iPhone, then turning it off again, you can make that happen.

The second issue is more challenging to defend against. It’s alleged that the iOS flaw causes VPNs to experience a data leak over time—possibly as little as a few minutes. All of a sudden, they aren’t sending encrypted data correctly.

That’s quite significant, because it completely negates the value of a VPN, therefore Apple needs to address it. Making your VPN connections brief is what you can do in the interim nevertheless.

Although it won’t ensure against data leaks, it will assist. Additionally, Apple’s Private Relay will.

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