How much you save by purchasing Apple One bundles in the Fall of 2022

How much you save by purchasing Apple One bundles in the Fall of 2022

The new pricing of the Apple One package may still make it a good deal under the appropriate circumstances, even though Apple has increased the cost of the majority of its subscription services.

Apple One is a collection of Apple Services that are offered in three different flavors for three different monthly prices. Every variety comes with services that are worth more than the Apple One price, but this is only beneficial if you use at least the majority of the available services.

But in addition to raising the price of all Apple One bundles, Apple also raised the cost of two of its key services. That indicates that four services have not yet received a price hike, further complicating the calculation of the Apple One value.

Everything that has increased in cost is shown below, along with the new monthly fees that will start with your next renewal:

Family: Apple One: $22.95

$32.95 for Apple One’s Premier.

$6.99 per month for Apple TV+

Individual price for Apple Music: $10.99

Apple Music: Families: $16.99

Additionally, the costs of the services that are not rising in price each month are as follows:

$9.99 for Apple News+

$9.99 for Apple Fitness+

$4.99 for Apple Arcade.

$0.99, $2.99, and $9.99 for iCloud storage

Performing the math

It would be unfair to imply that some of Apple’s services were extras, but Apple Arcade is one example that falls short of Apple Music in terms of popularity.

The fact is that Apple Arcade has a ton of games if you like playing them. And if you enjoy Apple TV+, that service has a constantly growing library of truly top-notch series.

You must indeed enjoy and utilize each of the included services to realize any meaningful savings from Apple One. Even though you might not be interested in one, you can still save a little money.

Here is an overview of the three Apple One tiers, including what you get and how much money you save compared to purchasing each service separately.

What you can save with the Apple One Individual plan in terms of money

$10.99 for Apple Music

$6.99 for Apple TV+

$4.99 for Apple Arcade.

iCloud 50GB storage costs $0.99.

Cost in total: $23.96

Plan for Apple One: $16.95

Monthly savings: $8.01

The individual plan comes with 50GB of iCloud storage in addition to most of Apple’s entertainment offerings. If users already have Apple music, TV, and game subscriptions, they will save around $7 per month.

It’s important to remember that the individual plan prevents you from sharing your iCloud storage or access to Apple Music with family members. You’ll need the Family or Premier plans for that.

How much money the Apple One Family plan saves you

$16.99 for Apple Music Family

$6.99 for Apple TV+

$4.99 for Apple Arcade.

200GB of iCloud storage is $2.99 per month.

Individual service costs totaled $31.96.

$22.95 for Apple One plan.

Monthly savings: $9.01

The reductions offered by Apple One do increase as you move up the tiers, and the Family plan offers savings of up to $9 per month on Apple entertainment services for families with up to six people.

Keep in mind that family sharing is permitted at this tier. However, neither Apple News+ nor Fitness+ is available.

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How much money the Apple One Premier plan saves you

$16.99 for Apple Music Family

$6.99 for Apple TV+

$4.99 for Apple Arcade.

2TB of iCloud storage is $9.99 per month.

$9.99 for Apple News+

$9.99 for Apple Fitness+

Individual service costs totaled $58.94.

$32.95 for Apple One plan.

$25.99 in savings overall

Even Apple News+ and the recently launched Apple Fitness+ are included in the Premier package, which offers access to all of Apple’s services. Comparing its $29.95 pricing to paying for each service separately, you would save around $26 a month.

The Premier version might be the most alluring because it offers them the most financial savings. But if the News+ or Fitness+ services are essential to you, it’s also your only choice.

Premier has the most iCloud storage space of all the options. If you don’t require 2TB of that, that makes up a sizable portion of the monthly charge.

Even then, if you were to purchase everything else separately, it would cost you $48.95. The Premier plan’s $58.94 price is therefore still reasonable.

Savings increase when prices rise.

Because Apple has increased some of its costs but not all of them, it can be difficult to determine if Apple One is worthwhile or not.

It also means that users are saving more money than they were before to the price increase in each of the Apple One tiers.

Of course, having that savings is advantageous, but — once more — only if you would have purchased all or the majority of the services anyhow.

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