When it comes to iOS user interface customization, the iPhone has had some basic customization for the better part of 10 years. Since its launch in 2007, Apple customers have had some level of customization of the iPhone. But “fresh apps” and new experiences for iOS customization are rumored to arrive at WWDC 2022. And you can also visit our T&E store.

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Upgraded to iOS 5

The first step toward personalization of a device is changing the wallpaper. Since the first version of iOS, other parts of personalization have been added such as multitasking and the ability to sort apps into folders.

Users who have upgraded to iOS 5 will now be able to go back to the previous app and sort notifications into their categories. Finally, a way to get an overview of alerts and quickly be brought into your apps.

Customers had a higher expectation for their phone to have a larger screen because Apple made it possible with the iPhone 6. It caused the iPhone user interface to change so people could reach more apps and see the content on the screen easier.

The flat, minimalist design and skeuomorphic textures of iOS 7 are a refreshing change from the skeuomorphic and 3D graphics of older versions of iOS. It’s refreshing to see that Jony I’ve decided to do away with old skeuomorphism and replaced them with an easier use, and less expensive to develop UI.

Apple users saw interactive widgets in the iOS 8 that lived inside of the Today View. Now apps can present actionable tasks to people. This legacy system is still present in iOS 15. But, the free-form widgets are the norm.

With the iPhone 6s and iOS 9, Apple introduced Live Wallpapers that people can set with the new 3D Touch. Now users can also set moving Dynamic Wallpaper, which shows an image or object move across the Lock Screen for a second when a person presses down on their Lock Screen.

iOS customization


With the Dynamic Wallpaper app, a bunch of circles moves in slow motion in the background. The Shortcuts app and Siri-suggested shortcuts debuted with the release of iOS 12. This was a watershed moment in Apple device customization, allowing users new ways to engage with the device.

Apple made several features in iOS 14 available to the Android platform. Widgets added to the Home Screen which provided information at a glance, and the App Library automatically organized your apps.

Widgets, once a hallmark of the original iPhone, can now color to match their corresponding app or wallpaper. These custom app icons and widgets introduced in the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android Jelly Bean (Android

A developer can display various kinds of data on a widget. And a user can tap on one to go into the app. It’s not possible yet to make the new widgets interactive. Such as a user writing an Apple Note from the Notes widget. The present invention relates to a method for forming a pattern used in manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit, a display device, or the like.

Another feature that Android users have had since its launch in 2008 is the ability to set custom shortcuts. With the latest version of Android, iOS users can make changes to their favorite apps using widgets.

With the current release of iOS 15, Apple lets people customize Safari.

Tab groups help you organize your browser tabs, making it easier to manage them. When you open a new tab in Safari, you may pick which information displays on the Start Page.

Privacy reports, Siri suggestions, and other features can all be customized. You can also choose a wallpaper from this menu.

What’s Next

According to the Apple rumor mill, iOS 16 will look and behave like its predecessor and will have more “widget-like” wallpapers on the Lock screen.

People who own an iPad are probably already using it in their daily lives. And, if they haven’t been asking for this, they will soon. Apple will bring features to their tablet that have been a wish for many years now.

One area that Amazon could improve on is the customization of the apps. You can choose defaults for different features like emails, notes, calendars, and reminders. For example, the addition of categories so people can set defaults for other features.

This version of iOS includes some great updates for Live and Dynamic Wallpapers. It’s a nice addition for those who want to personalize their device’s wallpaper.