How do I turn off Find My iPhone (in 4 quick steps) is most asked question . The new iPhone is beautiful, sleek, and it seems almost impossible to misplace. However, if it falls out of your pocket or is left in an airport bathroom, it’s going to be gone for good. Apple’s iOS (iPhone) operating system has a handy feature called the Find My network, which can help you find your phone if it goes missing. The Find My feature lets you see if you’ve left your iPad in another location, or if you’ve mislaid your iPhone, so it can help you get your hands on them when you don’t have them in your possession.

Turning on the “Find My iPhone” feature while you’re at the Apple Store or a carrier store will allow them to remotely access your phone and see its location. If you need to take your phone in for repair, turning the “Find My iPhone” feature on may help you avoid missing appointments.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone (in 4 quick steps)

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But in some cases you have to need to turn off “Find My” option on your iPhone:

  • If you happen to lose your phone, you’ll need to turn off “Find My iPhone”. This will help prevent someone from picking it up if it falls into their hands. Finding my iPhone is a handy feature. You’ll need to turn it off when using your computer though.
  • Sometimes it’s appropriate to turn off “Find My iPhone”. There are times when it may be helpful to know where your device is physically located (like when you’ve misplaced it) and times when it’s not. Use this information at your own discretion. This will happen the most often if the customers are first-time buyers or early adopters. They’ll be excited about getting the latest and greatest and they’ll be more willing to part with their old phone than if they were “lurkers” who haven’t upgraded for a while. Once a phone number is associated with an account, it’s added to all of the device’s profiles and can be used to find and block phone numbers, texts, and other communications sent to or received by the device.
  • You should turn off this feature if you need to send your iPhone in for service, according to Apple’s support page.
  • If you’ve got a teenage kid or someone else who’s just learning to text. It’s probably best to turn off the Find My iPhone feature on their phone. So they don’t accidentally give out their location to bad guys.
  • In some cases, it is appropriate to turn off “Find My iPhone.” There are times when you should not use it, such as when you have it with you in a public place (e.g. When it comes to selling, trading in, or otherwise saying goodbye to your iPhone, it’s more likely you’ll be doing that if you’ve just received a new phone for Christmas. This is a good idea because someone else taking over your Amazon account could put your personal information (such as credit card details) at risk. You should do this even if it means your current owner can’t access your account for any reason.

Fortunately, Apple make it easy to turn off Find My iPhone. The steps are always the same, but the variations depend on which operating system you’re using. You only need a few steps to activate that feature. This is what you need to know.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone (in 4 quick steps)

How to disable Find My iPhone (on iOS 13 or later)

  1.  To open the settings menu.
  2. At the top of the menu, select your name. Then choose “Find My” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then press “Find My iPhone” at the top of the following screen and turn the Find My iPhone option off. You may also disable Find My Network and the option to send your last location (which automatically sends the location of your phone to Apple when the battery is critically low).
  4. Enter the password for your Apple ID. and then choose Turn Of

How to disable Find My iPhone (on iOS 12 or earlier)

1. Go to the “Your Account” menu.

2. Now, at the bottom of the screen, tap on your name.

3. Open “Settings,” and then navigate to the “iCloud” section. You’ll need to enter your password.

4. Turn off this setting  if you want to remove the security feature.

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