With the help of watchOS 9’s Low Power Mode, the Apple Watch’s battery life can be increased. Here’s how to turn it on and what it disables.

The Apple Watch is made to be worn as frequently as possible, even while you are asleep. It still needs to be recharged occasionally, though, and there are times when you might not be able to do so right away.

For instance, there’s a chance that your Apple Watch won’t stay charged long enough for you to get home if you’re on a weekend trip and forget your charger.

Low Power Mode, a feature of watchOS 9, seeks to address this by providing users with a way to reduce the Apple Watch’s power consumption, enabling it to be used for longer periods of time.

Low Power Mode modifies what exactly?

By turning off features that are typically active on the Apple Watch, Low Power Mode reduces it to its essential features. Other features are permitted to function, but they are changed to minimize the number of updates or refreshes.

Apple Watch low power mode works

Low Power Mode disables the following features:

  • Always on the screen
  • Heart rate alerts for erratic rhythm, elevated heart rate, and reduced heart rate
  • Baseline heart rate readings
  • Historical blood oxygen levels
  • Begin your workout reminder

These are off if your iPhone isn’t nearby:

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  • Incoming phone calls and notifications

Other features affected by Low Power Mode include:

  • Making a phone call can take longer
  • Background app refresh happens less frequently
  • Complications update less frequently
  • Siri can take longer to process a request
  • Some animations and scrolling might appear less smooth

How to manually activate the Apple Watch’s Low Power Mode

  • Toggle the Low Power Mode switch while in Control Center by swiping up on the display to reveal it.
  • Open Settings, choose Battery, and then switch on Low Power Mode as an alternative.

If you like, you can configure Low Power Mode to shut off after a certain number of days.

Every time you activate Low Power Mode, you will be informed of what it accomplishes and given the choice to keep it on indefinitely or for a certain number of days.

Additionally, customers will have the option to have it switch on automatically when the battery life drops to 10%.

Once activated, a yellow circle indicator on the screen will indicate that Low Power Mode is active. Yellow will also be the color of the Control Center battery indicator.

Apple Watch low power mode works

Leaving Low Power Mode on

You always have the choice to turn off Low Power Mode whenever you choose. You only need to tap the toggle in the same spots as when you manually turned it on to accomplish this.

When the battery is charged to 80%, it has the ability to shut off automatically. Low Power Mode will last until you actively turn it off, though, if you chose to leave it on for a few days.


You may still use the Workout app in Low Power Mode to record data like heart rate and pace even though it disables a lot of features. However, you must activate this feature by going to Settings, selecting Workout, and then selecting Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode will resume deactivating the features required to properly record an exercise once you have finished it.

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