In this blog post, you will get quality content regarding making videos on Mac in 2022.  The iMac is a great computer that lets you shoot videos and edit them right out of the box. It’s also a great platform for adding your creative flair and showing off your artistic ability.

Although Apple’s iPhone has been around for a while, there are still many people who aren’t aware of its capabilities. It isn’t until you start using it as a camera that you realize just how well it can work.

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Which Mac to use

It doesn’t matter which Mac you choose to run, because every Mac made since 2002 can get the job done. And you can build a system that comes with everything you need. But if you do have the money, the better the Mac you buy, the more you’ll appreciate the extra features and the longer its lifespan.

In part because those mics are fast enough for video editing, and in part because they have great screens built-in. But mainly because they also what are, possibly generously, described as studio-quality microphones.

If your video is more than three minutes long, you’ll probably want to record it in QuickTime, because the M2 MacBook Air supports it natively. You might also want to use the new M2 MacBook Air, because it has a better screen.

With the M1 MacBook Air, you get the same amazing features as in the MacBook Pro. You’ll love the speed, but you’ll also notice that after a time the heat from the M1 will start to rise. That means you’ll need to make some adjustments if you’re going to use the M1 MacBook Air to edit videos.

The new MacBook Air doesn’t have the wedge, so it shouldn’t have this problem. And while the new MacBook Air doesn’t have the studio quality microphones of the MacBook Pro. In practice, you’re soon going to want a separate, external microphone for almost every video project you do.

making videos on Mac in 2022.

You can never have enough storage

Storage is an essential part of any home computer or iPad. There are lots of different kinds of storage, but you can’t beat a hard drive for speed and security. You also need lots of it — more than you’ll ever use — so you need to get a good price. That’s where Apple comes in. You’ll find a bargain on all sorts of storage.

The best video editing software is Final Cut Pro X, but it’s not available for Windows. If you have a Mac, then you’re all set. If you don’t, or if you’re not willing to buy a Mac, then your choices are pretty limited.

This is the Mac Pro’s first iteration of a fully modular design, and is a game changer for the computer industry. In the long term, it will allow Apple to easily upgrade parts of the system at any point in time, but also create new opportunities for third-party developers.

The best external hard drives come from companies that don’t care what the rest of the market is doing. And, if you buy from them, you can use their external drives as backups forever.

Editing videos on the Mac

You’ve got to choose between iMovie and other video editing software before the shoot. Here are some pros and cons of both so you can make the best choice.

Apple’s iMovie is underrated. It’s free, pre-installed on the Mac, and easy to use once you’ve figured out how. The biggest reason it’s underrated is that it has fewer features and options than other video editors, which makes it ideal for quickly producing videos. But it is also adding more, so it’s worth checking out.

iMovie is a very powerful tool but at some point you may wish to use something else that is more powerful.

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is the obvious next step because it works very similarly to iMovie, but adds many extra features. These features include being able to track items in your video, which means you can highlight one person’s face, or pick out a car number plate, and then apply a blur to it.

You can blur them out in one frame and Final Cut Pro will keep them blurred in all other frames of the video clip. It’s a lot more than iMovie, and you have to work more to get iMovie to do something like that.

Going from iMovie to Final Cut Pro may be a bit daunting. But it’s nothing compared to going from iMovie to other professional video editing software. For the price, you’ll want to check out other options, not just iMovie.

Apple makes Final Cut Pro X available for purchase for $300, and if you’re interested in Adobe Premiere Elements ($20.99/month) or DaVinci Resolve ($0/month), they are both available from the Mac App Store. If you already have a workflow setup, this will likely work for you.

making videos on Mac in 2022.

Screen recordings with voiceover

To record, you need to go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and turn on “Enable screen sharing.” Then, with your iPhone or iPad plugged in to your Mac, open the QuickTime Player app and press the keyboard combination Command-Shift-5 to record the screen.

To speed up the recording process, you can use one of the new shortcut keys. Simply type “Ctrl” followed by the number of seconds you want to record. You can also choose where you want the finished recording to be saved, and whether you want to capture all or only part of the screen.

Whether or not your video has a voiceover, though, there are reasons to consider other options for screen recording than QuickTime Player. For instance, you can record your screen with ScreenFlow, and you can zoom in to show your audience a particular part of the screen.

In addition to a new version of the app every year or two, Screenflow is also increasingly becoming a video editing app so it’s better to invest in an app that grows with your needs. If you spend $149 on Screenflow, you’ll be able to download version 10, but if you buy version 11 when it’s released, you’ll get it for free.

More elaborate YouTube videos

Make elaborate YouTube videos. Perhaps if you just want a YouTube video with two presenters who are side by side, you could use Center Stage on the Apple Studio Display. But, even before you start considering multi-camera shoots and drone footage. Your thoughts should be on how to make the video varied and interesting.

We always edit together multiple elements. It might just be that you shoot an interview with someone and then when they’re gone, you turn the iPhone around and film yourself asking the questions.

There are always multiple ways to approach making a video. You can use just one camera, you can use multiple cameras. And you can have graphic artists work on the graphics and animation. You could even use one camera and put it behind your subject and only use it for B-roll or as a background.

You can’t just take a few pictures. You have to spend time editing them and putting them into a collage. But an iPhone is fine for this. And if an iPhone is good enough for this, then a second or third iPhone is even better.

You’re now up against the limits of your gear. And you need to start looking at Lavalier and lapel mics, and windbreaks.

Final Cut Pro X is a powerful editing tool that’s especially good for multi-camera projects. It lets you sync different cameras together and lets you switch instantly between them.

Making films

When it comes to making videos and films, there are a lot of options. You can make a Hollywood movie and edit it on a Mac. You can shoot a Hollywood movie on an iPhone and edit it on the Mac. You can even edit a Hollywood movie on a smartphone. It used to be hard to make movies, but now it’s easy.

You can do it! Now’s the time to start making the real video. When it’s complete, you will likely need to employ some crew. And you’ll want to be sure everyone who needs to sees and works on the video.

There is also the issue of just when you can start shooting video with a DSLR. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that you should be considering lighting, audio, picture stabilization, and particularly focal length.

For any serious streamer, a fast, affordable, and expandable desktop computer is essential. With this type of video, you want the fastest processor you can afford. But you have to make sure it’s expandable.