Here at T & E we’re always dropping new smartphones on the ground on purpose. Apple said that its new 5G-enabled iPhone SE is manufactured with “the hardest glass in a smartphone” when it was first revealed. In this blog post you will get quality content regarding Drop the iPhone SE to See How Fast the ‘Toughest Glass’ Cracks Warning.

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The Apple iPhone SE for 2020 is an improved version of the iPhone SE. The majority of the modifications are made on the interior of the device. The phone’s physical design, including the antique home button, is identical to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.  The new iPhone SE low-cost way to get an iPhone with a familiar design but get improvements like the tough glass and the A15 Bionic processor from the iPhone 13. While newer features like Face ID or the USB-C port may be missing, you can still take advantage of many of the iPhone 13 features.

In addition to using a better screen, this year’s iPhone XS comes with an even better processor, a faster RAM and more storage than last year. The front glass of the new iPhone SE differs from the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 line, however, with Apple choosing to use glass from earlier iPhone lines instead of the new Apple Ceramic Shield as seen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

The iPhone 12’s back glass has a smooth ceramic finish. It’s much harder than its rival, but it’s also more fragile. We found that when dropped onto a hard surface (like a desk), the phone took a couple of dings on the glass, but there were no visible cracks.

Drop 1

To start the first drop test, I held the iPhone SE a few inches away from my palm. This test has completed, but there is a small crack in it. Though the screen is still usable, the glass is jagged enough that cutting your finger is a distinct possibility. Even though the front of the phone was pretty badly damaged, the back still had not been touched. I then pressed forward.

Drop 2

I waited at the same 3-foot mark for drop No. 2 and dropped the phone on its gleaming Product Red back. I managed to place the phone on its gleaming red back, but it cartwheeled off its frame and landed directly on my feet.

I decided to have a new test to compare Drop 2 and Drop 2a. The test is the same as before, but this time it was the side of the device that absorbed the majority of the force. I found that Drop 2 was a bit more accurate in its drop performance than Drop 2a.

It was cracked at this point, and it had been dropped three times already. Given that it had already been dropped three times, that’s not terrible. One of the biggest issues that we’re facing today is the deterioration of mobile phones. Our phones aren’t made of durable materials and it takes us just a few seconds to crack them.

Drop the iPhone

Drop 3

With a footer, standard procedure is to go all the way down to 6’, which is the distance the floor would normally be.

The camera landed firmly on the surface of the back glass but then shifted to the side of the frame, as though it wasn’t quite sure if it was facing downward.

The iPhone’s rear suffered a series of significant cracks. At the upper-right corner, a big crack intersected. As long as the front was okay, nothing a nice case couldn’t hide. No, it isn’t. To the right of the home button, there was now a huge hole in the front glass. I could see right into the phone’s guts beneath the black bezel since the glass had broken.

It’s incredible that the retina display was still functional after being dropped for several hours. You should do as little swiping and scrolling as feasible.

Mercy Rule

There’s always a point to invoking the mercy rule. I climbed up on the stepladder to drop the phone, but decided there wasn’t much point.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn what happens when you drop an iPhone and how to minimize damage and downtime. This is hardly a great day for my iPhone SE.

You’re right. But if you need a rugged smartphone, it sure is tough enough. And we’ve seen many other tough smartphones in the past. I’m not sure, but I guess I’ll leave it to you to decide. This isn’t a scientific test, it’s just a fun experiment to see if it’ll work. I just wanted to show you what can happen if you do what I did.

Although, Apple could’ve invested the extra money to use ceramic shield as an added layer of protection. Phone cases will protect your phone from the elements. However, if your phone is already a bit scratched or worn out, then you might be better off purchasing a new one.

We’re delighted that iPhone SE has passed Apple’s rigorous testing procedures and proven itself to be tough enough to withstand the challenges of the real world. There are cases for your iPhone that will make the phone feel more secure and protected than ever.