In this blog post you will get quality content about Apple Releases HomePod Software 15.4.  Find out what’s changed in Apple’s HomePod firmware since launch and how they plan to fix these issues. Learn how to identify which software version your HomePod is running and how to update your HomePod’s software. IOS has had a ton of new features over the past year iOS is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

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Version 15.4

Software version 15.4 of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system brings improvements to HomePod, including a feature that enables a user to connect the device to Wi-Fi networks that require an additional sign-in step.

Performance and stability have also been improved in this release.

 Version 15.3

Siri is the virtual assistant in the new iPhone 6S, which comes with an array of artificial intelligence-based features.

 Version 15.2

Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription tier meant to access music through Siri, is now support in software version 15.2.  And Siri voice recognition has been extended to new languages. It brings enhancements to performance and stability.

With the Apple Music Voice Plan, you can use Siri to access all of Apple Music’s songs, playlists, and stations. Even if it’s not on your personalised station, you can ask Siri to play anything.

The Echo Show allows for voice control of your smart home, with Amazon Alexa being the intelligent assistant at its core. Amazon’s Echo devices are a good choice for anyone who wants to get started with a smart home.

With iOS 13, Apple is introducing a new location privacy policy. The new settings will enable you to choose where and what Apple collects about your device location, but you’ll still need to set that in each app you use.

When you’ve finished your listening history, you can set your preferences for what to remember, and what to forget. Your music and podcasts will remember to  your device.

Apple Releases HomePod Software 15.4

 Version 15

New HomePod features support in software version 15. Bug fixes and stability enhancements  also includE. For rich, room-filling sound and excellent conversation, the HomePod mini can be used to replace any of the three speakers in your Apple TV 4K.

When a HomePod mini playing music is close, media playback controls show on your iPhone’s Lock Screen. Set the bass to a lower setting so you can listen to music without bothering your neighbours. Ask Siri to switch on your Apple TV, start playing a favourite movie, and let you to adjust playback while you’re watching.

Siri understands the room environment and can make itself heard even if it’s not near a loud speaker. You can ask Siri to control smart home devices at a specific time, like turning off the lights in 10 minutes.

HomePod is a new iPod touch from Apple that will be sold alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but it won’t support the current model of Apple Music.

How can I install the 15.4 developer beta’s fourth developer beta?

Apple regularly improves their HomePod and HomePod mini speakers over time through over-the-air software updates. While HomePod will download future updates automatically by default.  You may also manually install them via the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Beta versions are also known as pre-releases, and they allow developers and users alike to test new features, bugs, and design aspects before the full release.


The current version of HomePod is 4 beta

The Apple HomePod has been available for a little while now and there are still some people who don’t know what it is. That’s OK, as the company isn’t exactly marketing it as much as they could and should. The HomePod is a smart speaker that can control your Apple devices in the home or even outside of it.

The 1.4 upgrade is the fourth significant HomePod software update since version 15.  And it arrives more than a month after the software was first released. Captive WiFi networks support in the HomePod 15.4 software update. It allows customers to connect to a HomePod on a network that requires additional sign-in steps.

In addition, this update corrects a problem with Siri voice recognition in some languages. Apple adds a  new Siri voice.  While the HomePod software is install immediately on the device.


HomePod owners can now update their Apple wireless speaker to the latest software. This means they can now add up to six users to their device. It’s especially useful in India and Italy.

The release notes for the upcoming version of macOS High Sierra contain a few new features. It include Siri support for up to six users in a single house and a number of other performance and stability improvements.