In this blog post, you will get quality content about 8 Apple Music Features to Use on Your iPhone.  Apple Music is packed with cool features. Here are the best Apple Music features you need to use on your iPhone.

If you want to stream music for free, other services will do it. But Apple Music is a robust music service with a wide range of options. You can use Apple Music with your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or even your Apple TV.

You may not have taken full advantage of these features yet for various reasons. In any case, here are some of the best Apple Music features to use on your iPhone. And you can visit our T & E store.

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1. Automatic Downloads

A great new feature for iOS users is that it gives you the option of choosing your favorite artists when you add them to your Library. You’ll get a notification if the artist has an album to download, so it will be easy to listen to their songs when you have a few free minutes.

Once your purchase is complete, you can download it to your iPhone or iPad by tapping on the “Download” button on the Add to Cart page. To make the process and tap shorter, go to your iOS Settings and tap “General” at the top of your screen.

If you want to find your new favorite song quickly, start by creating a playlist of all your new songs on Apple Music. Once you’ve added the songs you like, you can set your Apple Watch to play the selected songs for you as soon as they become available.

Then, next to Automatic Downloads, press the toggle. To use this function, you must first enable the iCloud Music Library. You no longer have to be concerned about whether or not your favourite albums have been downloaded locally.

8 Apple Music Features

2. Subscribe to Apple Curated Playlists

While Apple Music’s curated playlists are no match for Spotify’s excellent discovery engine (see our Spotify vs. Apple Music comparison), they’re absolutely worth a look, and here’s how to get started with Apple Music playlists.

Apple’s playlists are a terrific way to learn about and listen to new music genres. “Essentials,” a playlist, is an excellent location to start finding new music.

The “New Music Tuesday” playlist will help you discover new songs. If you’re into an artist that isn’t as mainstream as the artists you usually listen to, check out the “Deep Cuts” playlist. Apple also has curated playlists for discovering certain periods in a genre.

3. Preserve and Edit Apple Curated Playlists

As we spoke about above, Apple’s playlists are a great starting point. Whether it’s about the top songs from a genre or an artist.

When you add a playlist to your library, you aren’t adding all of the songs, you’re simply bookmarking the playlist in your library. If the playlist gets removed, the song will disappear from your library as well.

Playlists can be frustrating. You’ll have to create your playlists and then add songs to them. Tap on the menu button, choose the option that says Add to Playlist, and you’re done.

You can build a separate playlist or add to one that already exists.

4. Limit Downloads to Optimize Storage

When you turn on automatic downloads, you’ll end up filling up your iPhone pretty fast. This is when the Optimize Storage feature from Apple comes in handy. Tap on Optimize Storage in Settings > Music.

You can choose from four different sizes of storage for your music. You can choose from 4 GB, 8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. You’ll also be able to store at least that amount of songs on your storage.

No matter how much space your phone has left, the iPhone will automatically start deleting old songs that you haven’t played in a while.

5. Jump to an Album or Artist from Now Playing

Jump directly to the album or artist from the Now Playing view in iOS 12. Tap on the red text which reads the artist and the album, and you’ll see a new menu where you can choose if you want to skip to that artist or that album.

You’ll be able to tap on either of these options after a brief tutorial, and then start listening to music by tapping on Artists, Songs, or Albums. You can also tap on the button in the middle to change tracks.

6. Read Lyrics for Songs

You no longer need a third-party app to read song lyrics, when you’re in the Now Playing screen, swipe up, and you’ll see a Lyrics section.

On this page, you can select the music that plays when the ad plays. To find out how to use the synced lyrics, check the box next to the Show button.

7. Stream Music Using Your Mobile Data

If you have an iPhone or Android device, try listening to music using your mobile data plan. The first time you try to stream music, it just won’t work. You might get a popup asking you to connect to Wi-Fi if you’re lucky. Go to Settings > Music > Cellular Data to stream music using your mobile data plan.

8. Customize the Library Screen

Apple Music puts all of your favorite music in one place, but you probably don’t need to look at all of it every time you use Apple Music. You can customize the library screen to display just one type of content or all of them.

Tap on the More button in the top-right corner, and select Genres and Music Videos to enable them. You can also view related artists under More Like This, and you can add your favorite artists and playlists under Genres.