Google Maps was the default navigation software for iOS until Apple Maps arrived in 2012. Apple, on the other hand, was dead set on making a one-of-a-kind mapping app for their devices. The project has had its ups and downs throughout time, but with iOS 13, Apple unveiled a revamped Maps app that is gaining traction, employing its proprietary mapping techniques and analytics. Here’s how to put it to good use.

The Look Around function in the Maps app provides a street-level picture of your surroundings or a specific area. Look Around in Apple Maps can be found whenever the binoculars icon for a location appears.  Tapping the icon opens a small card at the top of the window with a close-up street-level view of the place, which you may press to see a full-screen view. You can then navigate your way around the immediate area.

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1. Collections feature

You can utilize the Maps Collections feature to group diverse places, such as restaurants, neighborhood parks, city landmarks, or any other place you want to go. Share your Collection lists with friends and family so you can annotate and keep track of places you’d like to show visitors.

  • As the app builds a list, search for a topic in your area of interest.
  • Select an item and then tap Add to.
  • Add the entry to the New Collection, give it a name, and then tap Create.
  • Next to Similar Places Nearby, tap See All.
  • Tap the entries you want to add to your list from the resultant list.

Apple Maps

2. Make a list of your favorites

The Favorites feature in Maps on iOS 13 allows you to search for specific locations and save them to a list of favorites. By default, Favorites include Home and Work, but you can add the grocery shop, library, pet store, plant nursery, and other places where you frequently visit. You will not have to continually search up the route if your sense of perspective isn’t great; if this is one of your favorites, directions are always at your fingertips.

3. Share your arrival time.

You may share your expected time of arrival (ETA) and route with Maps for iOS 13 so that friends, family, and associates know when to expect you. Open Maps and tap Directions, then Go to your desired place. Swipe up and tap Share ETA before leaving. Choose one or more people to share with. Your contacts will be able to see your ETA, route, and destination on the Maps app as you travel, including any delays. Swipe up, tap Sharing ETA, and then tap the contact to quit posting.

4. One tap to search

Apple Maps’ Nearby feature is useful when Location Services is enabled. When you tap the search box, a list of nearby establishments in several categories appears, including Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops, and other popular spots. Each listed establishment appears on the map when you tap on any category. You can then reference the corresponding list for precise directions.

5. Set a pin

Dropping a pin on a map is the simplest way to see the distance between two locations and, if necessary, acquire instructions from them. In Apple Maps, tap and hold your destination, and a red pin will appear immediately. You can receive directions to a new pin’s specific address, find out its geographic coordinates, add it to your favorites, make a new contact, add to an existing contact, or share the locations through Texts, Facebook, Notes, or Twitter when you establish a new pin.

6. Destinations for flyovers

Maps’ Flyover function allows you to fly over towns and landmarks to see them in 3D. To use Flyover, open the app and type the name of a city or landmark you want to visit. When you tap on the result, a Flyover Tour will appear. To tour the area from the air, tap the Flyover Tour icon. From a Flyover Tour, tap the screen and then hit the X button at the bottom of the screen to return to your map.

7. Use Maps add-ons

Some third-party apps, such as Yelp’s reservation feature, integrate with Apple Maps to improve your experience. Enable Yelp under Extensions in Settings > Maps. For that, you must have Yelp installed on your phone. For that control to appear, you must have Yelp installed on your phone. When you search for a restaurant in the Maps app, you will then see a book option.

8. Use the satellite mode.

Because directions might be inaccurate at times and maps can be difficult to understand, you can use a satellite view to help orient yourself. To switch to Satellite or Hybrid view, hit the I in the top right corner, which will bring up the Maps Settings, where you can change your view.

9. Switch to compass mode.

Try setting Compass mode in the Apple Maps app if you’re looking for routes for hiking or bicycling. The map will spin dependent on your direction in Compass mode. Tap the Location symbol at the top of the screen to activate Compass mode. Tap on it again to activate Compass mode once you’ve pinpointed your location.

10. View the traffic

Maps can show you where traffic is, so you can tell if an accident or a delay is keeping you from getting where you need to go. Tap I then make sure the Traffic toggle is on to see real-time traffic statistics. You’ll see orange and red lines if there’s traffic nearby. Slow traffic is shown by orange lines, while stop-and-go traffic is indicated by red lines. In the event of traffic, Maps will suggest alternate routes to assist you to conserve hours.